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Wherever you go in the world, you’re pretty much bound to come across some kind of hotel. They change from place to place, and there are a few which really are truly unique. We’re going to look at 25 of the most unusual hotels in the world. Read on to find out about some truly strange, wonderful places to pass the night.

1. The Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel, Sweden – This architectural wonder was firsts opened two decades ago. Every November, the entire structure is rebuilt with snow from the surrounding area, and the nearby river. However, a new building has now opened nearby with the capability of staying open the whole year round.

Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel Sweden

2. The Linz Das Park Hotel, Austria – Made out of sections of massive concrete sewage pipes, this hotel takes the chalet concept and turns it on its head. The huge pipe sections are surprisingly spacious and comfortable.

3. Marfa El Cosmico Hotel, Texas – This eclectic hotel offers its customers a wide variety of rooms to rent. Based around general Americana and nomadic ideas, you can pick everything from vintage trailers to a native American teepee.

4. Quinta Real Zacatecas, Mexico – Built in a restored bullfighting ring, this structure is truly one of a kind. The hotel bar is placed where the bull pens used to be, and the entire building is impressive in its own right.

Quinta Real Zacatecas Mexico

5. Rovaniemi Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Finland – This is the place to go if you want to watch the Northern Lights. The entire chalet hotel is built on the edge of the Arctic Circle, featuring north-facing windows in every room to give you a front seat to this natural wonder.

6. Manaus Ariau Amazon Towers, Brazil – Perched high above the world’s largest rainforest, this hotel gives visitors some truly amazing vistas. Other features include an extensive treetop walk that puts you right in the heart of nature.

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7. Good Hotel London, UK – This erstwhile Dutch prison vessel is now docked on the Thames, in the heart of the city. Staying here gives you a unique spot to watch the city from, along with convenient access to this international hotspot.

8. Stockholm Jumbo Stay, Sweden – This renovated jumbo jet gives you a taste of luxury with none of the hassle of catching a plane. A variety of rooms are on offer, and this quirky hotel choice is guaranteed to bring you some fantastic stories.

9. Cappadocia Dream Cave Hotel, Turkey – This hotel makes use of the beautiful hollowed out networks that run through the rocks in this part of the country. There’s no end of amazing sights to see in the surrounding area, and the hotel itself offers high levels of comfort.

Cappadocia Dream Cave Hotel Turkey×1000/public/1444687587/COCO1115-002.jpg?itok=zmLb_Ekb

10. The Manta Resort, Tanzania – On the East African coast, this beautiful hotel sits just off shore. When not enjoying the facilities, you can head to the underwater viewing room to get a first hand view of the amazing marine life that surrounds the structure.

The Manta Resort Tanzania

11. Vancouver Free Spirit Spheres, Canada – This small but beautiful set of rooms consists of orbs suspended in the Western rainforest of Vancouver island. You’ll enjoy the tranquility of life in the treetops, coupled with a high level of comfort and ample facilities.

12. Nairobi Giraffe Manor, Kenya – There is truly nowhere like this hotel. Founded in the 1930s for safari visitors from around the world, the building plays host to more than just guests. A resident giraffe has been know to put its head in through the dining room window to get a taste of luxury.

13. Utter Inn, Sweden – Situated in the middle of Lake Maren, this beautiful building offers more than just Nordic comfort. The site houses a submerged room with windows that gives you a view of the underside of the lake.

14. The Liberty, Boston- This hotel boasts a level of comfort far above that it was initially designed for. The structure was built as a prison to house the city’s wrongdoers. Today it offers comfortable rooms with ample facilities.

15. Kakslauttanen Hotel, Sweden – This Winter hotel gives guests one of the best possible ways to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. The glass-topped igloos are the perfect way to enjoy this natural wonder.

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16. No Man’s Fort, UK – This fortress built on a small island off of Portsmouth was designed in the late 19th Century to protect from Napoleon’s forces. Today, it houses a luxury hotel complete with top amenities, including a hot tub, and there’s even a lighthouse.

17. Dog Bark Park, Idaho – An unusual hotel designed in the shape of a beagle, with a second smaller beagle puppy next to it. The building functions as a top quality b and b, and is pet friendly, naturally.

Dog Bark Park Idaho

18. Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain – This avant-garde hotel is like no other. Created by architect Frank Gehry, its unique design consists of huge titanium ribbons, put together for a one of a kind look. The hotel is also home to a top class restaurant and bar, with wines from the local vineyards.

19. Sheraton Huzhou, China – Designed by award winning architects, this luxury hotel is one of a kind. Built in an iconic doughnut shape, with two floors below the water level, it is home to some of the most opulent designs and construction materials in Asia.

20. Inntel, Amsterdam – An unusual design that pulls together many different styles of Dutch architecture. The hotel is built of stacked labourer’s cottages, offering a variety of rooms reflective of the surrounding architecture.

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21. The Caves, Jamaica – A stunning caribbean hotel set into local cliffside caves. With astonishing views and the beautiful caves themselves to enjoy, this is an exceptional choice. The rooms themselves are top quality, with all the required amenities.

22. Crazy Bear, UK – This eclectic hotel takes its inspiration from Vegas, the Moulin Rouge, and a myriad of other iconic locations. The end result is chaotic, fascinating, and a ton of fun to enjoy. The rooms are varied and all offer something truly unique and enjoyable.

23. Hurawalhi, Maldives – These stunning islands are home to one of the most impressive hotels in the world. Truly one for marine fanatics, the hotel offers beautiful rooms and access to the world’s largest underwater restaurant, with glass walls and ceiling.

Hurawalhi Maldives×900-copy2/167040-1-eng-GB/5.8-Undersea-Restaurant-Interior-1-1600×900-Copy_mainstory1.jpg

24. Library Hotel, New York – A must for book fanatics. This stylish hotel divides its ten floors according to the Dewey Decimal System. Each of the sixty rooms is based on a theme, and the hotel supplies a selection of reading material based on the theme.

25. Costa Verde, Costa Rica – Fashioned out of a discarded Boeing 727 from the Sixties, this two-bedroom suite provides stunning views of the surrounding rainforest. Complete with beautiful teak interiors and the latest amenities, it’s a strange and wonderful place to stay.

These are just a few of the most unusual hotels out there. If you’re looking for a one of a kind experience, check them out. They have everything you could wish for and more.

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