15 Valuable Things to Do Before Going On Your First Trip

Is it your first time going traveling?

I’m sure many of you have experienced the overwhelming excitement, or pre-trip jitters that come with travelling for the first time.  But let us help you lessen the fear for your first time trip with some useful tips.


The following 15 tips will help you prepare to be safe while travelling and allow you to enjoy your trip.




The first thing you have to make sure of, is that your passport is valid.


Passport- Things to Carry while Traveling

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For most countries it has to be valid at least for six months starting from your planned date of coming back home. Also check carefully if a visa is necessary for the country you will visit. In this case, start processing your travel visa months prior to your trip.



  • Get travel insurance


Travel Insurance -Things to Carry while Traveling

Yes it could be quite expensive to acquire travel insurance. Well, it could be even more expensive without it. You should get the comprehensive travel insurance, so that you can experience your holiday to its full potential.



  • Carry local currency

Local Currency -Things to Carry while Traveling


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Keep local money on you all the time. Saving more than what you will need for your travel is a good practice. It’s better to have extra money for any unintended expenses., rather than being left stranded.



  • Think about the weather and climate

Weather -Things to Carry while Traveling


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Consider the kind of weather and climate of the country that you’re visiting. Then plan your packing for this climate before the trip.



  • Print several copies of your itinerary

Inform family and friends and give them a copy of your itinerary and contact details.  



  • Print several copies of your passport and other ID

Always be ready for the worst thing that might happen.  The first contingency plan is to send yourself an email with photocopies or photos of your passports, visas, cards, important phone numbers, health or travel insurance, driver’s license, serial numbers. Secondly, produce photocopies of your very important documents e.g. passport and itinerary. Then, pack them in a separate area to the originals.



  • Plan a detailed yet flexible itinerary

Itinerary -Things to Carry while Traveling


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Make a detailed itinerary to get secure and comfortable. However, make sure not to make it too tight and allow yourself to savor the moment while you travel. Adhere to the list in your itinerary while adding options to make it flexible. It is recommended to plan ahead for a place to stay and book in advance to save time.



  • Pack your medical supplies

Safety first! Secure a pack of small medical essentials that contains band-aids, painkillers and even antihistamines.



  • Take the right technology

Travel Technology -Things to Carry while Travelin


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Every country uses different adapters. Accordingly, you have to make sure that you will bring the correct type of adapter. In case you decide not to buy a new one, you can take a small power board made up of one adapter. This power board is then equal to 4 power outlets.



  • Stay in touch with home

During your travels, you might have a hard time to stay in touch. The most possible way is to make use of the internet and all of the apps available to communicate and get in touch with home. Some great communication apps online include Skype, viber and Facebook messenger.



  • Pack effectively

Pack -Things to Carry while Traveling


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Be smart when packing your bags and make sure that they will not exceed your luggage weight limit. It’s better to make a list to avoid forgetting your important things and keeping everything organized.


Also, think about wearing comfortable clothes that will allow easy access to your travel docs. And try to travel light without checking luggage. Or at least have a colorful tag or ribbon on your luggage for you to recognize it on the carousel. Otherwise your bag may look the same among others.



  • Understand airport procedures

Be at the airport three hours before the departure time of your flight. This is essential for you have time to check in and then pass through Immigration and Customs as well as other Airport Security Procedures.


  • Mind your manners and respect local customs.

Respect customs -Things to Carry while Traveling

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Be polite all the time and go along with the locals. Gain some friends in the process.

It’s a new kind of experience to deal with people from a different culture. So it’s better to have researched  about the country’s culture in advance.


  • Take public transport when you can

Public Transport -Things to Carry while Traveling

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Public transportation might not be as convenient as riding your own private vehicle, but it definitely gives you the opportunity to meet and observe the people around you. It gives you time to relax, take a nap, look at the views, read books and not worry about getting through traffic, stressing and feeling the road rage.

It can be a convenient or a hassle,  you might actually experience both,  so make sure to do it right. Do your research about a country’s mode of transportation and use a good mobile application for your own convenience.


  • Never look like a tourist

Never look like a tourist -Things to Carry while Traveling

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As much as possible avoid walking with a map in your hands, this will make you stand out among the locals. Take advantage of mobile maps or applications that will help you get around the city.


It is quite complex to go travelling for the first time, but it is surely worth it. You just need to make sure that you are aware and safe all the time.

There could be some situations that you don’t like and expect along the way. However, never allow it to ruin your wondrous journey. Never ever forget to do one thing – ENJOY!


Author Bio: Yanna Cerez is a passionate travel and lifestyle blogger. She is learning her trade working for Blogger Sidekick helping small businesses build authority brands with content marketing. In her spare time she loves reading books, watching documentaries and shows on Netflix.


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  1. Amar kumar says:


    Passport is really a big issue when we think about a abroad trip. Exactly, we need to varify our passport in priority because it can cause many negative significant issue. We should always try to carry extra local money regarding to country, when we in another nation because money can save us from many problem.

    Few year back, i have visited Shimla in month of May – A common thought comes in my mind that it’s only summer I can survive from my sweater but thing was just reversed, there is -4 degree Celsius. So, we should always aware about places with help of internet and many more things in order to make favorable for us. Eventually, thanks for sharing your interesting thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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