Various Highest Paying Government Jobs In India

Government jobs are the most demanded job in India, and people yearn to get their foothold in any government agency mainly due to lifelong job security. However, there is a myth among India people that government jobs don’t pay as much as private enterprises in the same field and it are somewhat accurate in certain areas.

But there are some jobs that offer payment which can’t be provided by private entities and the added benefits provided by them is immense which surpasses the overall perks of private jobs. This is the reason people spend years to prepare for government recruitment exam which will ultimately bring stability in their life.

Many government companies pay huge amount of salary to their employees, and that is not the only thing, they get a huge number of perks in the form of financial help. Certain government employees earn ten lakh salary along with big persona house and car. The perks and salary structure increase with promotion and they are much better than people working in the IT sector.

Highest Paying Government Jobs In India

Although it is not easy to land a high paying government job and you require a good amount of skill adorned with hard work. You will find that people who are interested in bank jobs, they spend years to crack SBI Recruitement for PO post.

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  • 1 List of Highest Paying Government Jobs in India
    • 1.1 Civil Service –
    • 1.2 Job At Top PSU Companies –
    • 1.3 Government Scientist –
    • 1.4 Professor in Government University –
    • 1.5 Government Doctors –
    • 1.6 SBI Bank PO –
    • 1.7 Railway Engineer –

List of Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

There are many government offices that pay an enormous amount of salary to their employees, and it is the reason people drool about getting a job in these sectors. These jobs are:

  • Civil Service –

Civil service officers mainly include IAS, IPS and IFS individuals and among all IAS get the highest salary package. Indian Administrative Service officers are a highly respected person in the country, and they are entitled to much important work in the country like enforcing policies. IAS officers get a monthly salary of Rs 2, 18,000 approx. which includes Rs 90,000 basic salary, DA, HRA, and TA. The pay grade of IPS and IFS officers is also high, and they get a huge number of allowances for their job. Along with their salary package, they receive a bonus during special occasion and these often given two months extra salary.

  • Job At Top PSU Companies –

Employees at PSU companies like Coal India Limited, Indian Oil Corporation, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, etc. offers quite a handsome salary package to their employees. An employee in the decent post in Indian Oil Corporation earns around Rs 9 lakh per year while Coal India Limited’s employee earns Rs 10 lakh per year. The monthly package varies according to the post, and a fresher working in top notch PSU enterprises makes around Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per month. However, candidates who enter the company in officers rank gets up to Rs 50,000 per month.

  • Government Scientist –

Government scientists working in highly reputed government research agencies like ISRO and DRDO earns around Rs 50,000 per month in the beginning. A scientist who gets hired in the beginning are listed under two grades, one is SC, and the other one is SD. They are graded according to their academic qualification and some other criteria.

The government pays these fresher according to Pay Band 3 INR 15600 -39100. The grade defines that SD graded scientist will get Rs 6,600 as grade pay while SC classified scientists will receive Rs 5,400 as grade pay. However, in the end, an SC researcher earns around Rs 57,000 as per month salary which includes basic salary, DA, HRA, TA, and DA on TA.

  • Professor in Government University –

Government employed professor, earn a handsome pay for their teaching and along with the salary, the government of India provides them a huge number of added benefits that a professor of private university can’t imagine. The pay grade of government university professor totally depends on their skills in teaching and years of experience in college. But on an average, a teacher earns around 9 Lakh per year including all kind of monetary perks. So many professors leave their job in private university to gain a position in government universities.

  • Government Doctors

Doctors are always known for the prestigious jobs and lucrative monthly income. An MBBS fresher after completing his or her degree, earn around Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per month through an internship. The salary of doctors after post-graduation increases depending upon the skill and experience in the field.

The government gets a salary around Rs 12,000 to Rs 30,000 on a contract basis and pay grade is selected according to their qualification and experience. However, a Senior Resident earns around Rs 35,000 to Rs 70,000 per month, and that income also notches up after sub-specialization or by becoming a general surgeon.

  • SBI Bank PO –

Most of the people in the country aspire of getting a job in State Bank of India as a probationary officer. It is considered as one of the highest paying bank jobs in India where employees get a good amount of pay along with a wide range of benefits after SBI Recruitement, and the work pressure is quite low.

The basic pay for a probationary officer at SBI starts around Rs 16,000, and it increases along the line. So on an average, an SBI PO receives around 8 Lakh per year which includes DA, HRA, and CCA. Along with salary, they get a much monetary bonus during special occasions.

  • Railway Engineer –

An engineer working in IT industry can’t imagine how much a railway engineer gets a monthly income for their low-pressure job and this salary is even greater than salaries of engineers in public sector. The salary of an engineer in Senior Sectors stays between 4.5 Lakh to 7 Lakh, and it increases with the promotion. Along with the salary, an engineer is entitled to receive a personal vehicle with driver, private house, travel allowance and many other perks.

The above list is not the end as there are some other government jobs that offer highly lucrative salary to its employees with an array of perks. This salary structure increases almost every year as the ministry provides hike to every grade.

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