What After School Activities kids must join in their free time

Our very lovely children have most things to do related to their studies. But, just studies do not matters only for making future bright. Well, there are many ways a child might see her/his interest areas, which is very useful in making the second thing for the child after academics.

The task is not as easy as one thinks. First you should set free your children for their preferences, as what they wants and choose to do. It takes time for children to find the right interest areas for them, as they get stuck to one particular thing and parents might starts thinking of it the right choice for their child.

Extracurricular activities give children new ways to explore many different areas. Moreover, these Extracurricular activities occurs at after school programs which are held in schools and the best part is that the child will be in contact with teachers with no more study discussion. Activities like drawing, sports, music, robotics makes the overall development at the school level. Benefits of having extracurricular activities are that it improves academic performance. Some children worry that participating in extracurricular activities may take away too much time from their schoolwork, thus hurting their grades, but extracurricular activities actually improve grades and outlook on school in general. The best part is that children start managing their time for Betterment. When children participate in multiple different activities, they’ll get the opportunity to explore a range of interests. An extracurricular activity brings higher self-esteem in children and reduces the chances of stage phobia. The extracurricular activities give children the real world skills such as teamwork, time management, problem solving, leadership, public speaking etc.

There are more streams for children to seek their interests. Children finds it enjoyable in making good painting while other children might find it more fun in doing well in sports and some sharp minds have interest in robotics.

There are a huge variety of activities a child should engage in free time or in After School Programs :

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  • There are a huge variety of activities a child should engage in free time or in After School Programs :
    • 1. Dance
    • 2. Sports
    • 3. Robotics
    • 4. Cooking
    • 5. Swimming
    • 6. Gymnastics
    • 7. Karate
    • 8. Calligraphy
    • 9. Story Telling

1. Dance

Dance has a Broad area to go through and explore the favorite type of form. We all love those dance shows where kids perform amazingly. This is yet another extracurricular activity that most children love.Even introverted children find dance as a great form of expression. Dance builds confidence, coordination and kinesthetic intelligence in children and adults. From Bollywood to Ballet to Bharat Natyam, we have a plethora of options in India too.

2. Sports

Sports brings in a child more enthusiasm and energetic. Children learn to make decisions on behalf of the team. This is a very tough skill to teach a child, but a sport can help them learn this very easily. Constant exercise and practice improves learning at school too as the mind learns to focus and retain better.

3. Robotics

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is a mind changer, Instead of thinking about day to day activities these activities sharpens children mind and bring them to development mode. This is also an activity of team work and leadership in terms of robot making and Designing.

4. Cooking

Cooking is one of the most important life skills. Cooking a healthy meal for a loved one is a simple yet extremely important task. A child learns a lot more from this amazing art cum science. Cooking together fosters cooperation and communication. They develop motor skills, practically apply math and appreciate food, in the process of making astounding meals. Cooking is a creative outlet and helps every child feel accomplished and proud.

5. Swimming

Swimming classes help create awareness, especially about personal safety and fighting back in an emergency situation. It is a basic life-skill. It also helps children develop personal growth, which helps with self-development and self-confidence. Swimming is also an excellent exercise that will help in movement skills.

6. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a form of organized activity. It helps young children to develop mental and physical strength and it is a fun way to remain fit.

7. Karate

Martial art is the art of self-defense. Getting a child into karate or martial arts class will induce him/her with a right dose of self-esteem and self respect.

8. Calligraphy

Other emerging interest areas are Calligraphy and Insta poetry. These areas are yet for those mature people, but nowadays where the whole world operates on single touch on smartphones, these are no longer limited for adults. Writing has a unique influence and children with beautiful skill of writing have much to do in calligraphy.

9. Story Telling

Story telling is another big stream for the same and improves a child’s speaking skill.

Hence, there are more of the wide areas to do in free time after the break from school work or in After School Programs, as children have much to do better and with creativity.

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