What to see in Hong Kong when you Visit for Five Days?

I am very shocked by the comments from people who say that in Hong Kong there are few places to visit or that it is a city with no personality. It is a capital that can be at the level of New York or Tokyo, with a huge cultural offer, a very rich colonial heritage and a very unique mixture of cultures. Given that you will be there for about five days, we recommend the following places to visit:

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  • The first thing we would recommend is to go up to Victoria’s Peak. In addition to the views, it can serve to give you a visual map of how the city is structured. Remember that it is formed by several islands and a continental zone.
  • As a curiosity it is well to climb the Central escalator to Mid-Levels, a most peculiar invention to overcome the steep slopes of the island of Hong Kong.
  • The Man Mo Templeis one of the most revered on the island of Hong Kong, not very spectacular on the inside, but worth getting in if you’re around the Sheung Wan area and seeing its huge incense spirals.
  • The counterpoint is put by Wong Tai Sin Templein Kowloon which is beautiful on the outside and inside is full of people praying.
  • Curio sear in some pharmacy where they sell traditional Chinese medicine products, another thing is that you dare to try the remedies.
  • One of the best value boat rides in the world is the one offered by the Star Ferry. You have to catch it at least once in the day and another at night to see the skyline illuminated by 2.5 HKD, that is, about 25 euro cents.
  • You are not a tourist in Hong Konguntil you take the photo with the statue of Bruce Lee on the Avenue of Stars and then enjoy the light show on the bay.

In five days it is impossible to see everything in Hong Kong:

When the trip ends there is always someone who recommends you somewhere you did not visit. We really wanted to go see Happy Valley horse races or some Dragon Boat competition. Although there are many skyscrapers we do not climb to any of its viewpoints. I was very much looking forward to joining the Two International Finance Center (IFC 2) the tallest building in Hong Kong.

Another option with so many days in the city is to travel to Macao and spend some pasta in the casinos, something we discarded because we knew that New Year’s Eve would “subtract” some time.

In few places in the world have we encountered a public transport as efficient as Hong Kong?

The most indicated option is the metro, although it has its point of trying the buses and the trams in Central. However, to move between the island of Hong Kong and Kowloon besides the MTR and the buses is the mentioned Star Ferry.
Taxis are not too expensive; although they are only advisable in hours of low traffic or if public transport is resting.
And remember that when you travel abroad it is always convenient to be protected by what may happen. We advise you to make a trip to Hong Kong with a good policy that covers possible accidents, hospitalizations due to illness or inconvenience that may be an extra cost in your travel budget (keep in mind that hospitalization or medical care in many countries is extremely expensive).

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