What weapons are safest to be left in your home with kids? 

When it comes to kids, you do not want to make any compromises with their safety. Yes, you love your kids to the extent that you wish to secure them from every end. But, what are the safest weapons that should be around your kids to enhance their security? How can you get the peace of mind that yes, if I am away from my child, he/ she is safe at home?

spy cameras

Here are some of the safety weapons which are safest to be left in the house with your kids to keep them secure and protected:

Taser: Taser guns are non-lethal safety weapons which can even be kept with grown up kids. Yes, once your kids are mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong, they can easily access taser. So, if your kid is under an attack in house, all they need to do is fire the gun on the attacker from a distance of say 15 feet and till the time the assailant will be able to grasp you, he will electrified and surely you will have enough time to make your escape. If you feel threatened from anyone, all you need to do is pull the trigger of the taser and it will temporarily paralyze the muscular functioning of the assailant.

Spy cameras for home: They are the most secure weapon that a parent can keep in the house for the security of their child. If both the husband and wife goes out for work and the kids is in the hand of nanny and you want to ensure that the nanny is doing her job well, then just install a nanny camera. For outdoor security, you can install and outdoor spy camera. For car security, get a car spy camera. You can keep your house safe even when you out for vacations and far from your home from any type of burglary or theft by installing a motion activated camera. You have plethora of cameras available online. All you need to do is make your selection of spy cameras for home depending on your requirement and preference and then place your order. 

Collapsible batons: When you leave your kids alone at home, then they may get scared with a sudden thud at night. The right weapon for their self-defense will get them the perfect peace of mind even if nothing bad happens. Collapsible batons allow you to protect yourself during the time of a home invasion. If someone is seen trespassing your property, you can always pick a baton and use it for protection. Right from tasers, stun guns, spy cameras for home, collapsible batons and edged weapons, these are the best weapons for you for your child at home. They are non-lethal and simple to use when it comes to self-defense. 

So, getting these weapons is a must for you. No matter whether you live in risk zone or not, remember prevention is better than cure and these weapons are your prevention.

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