10 Creative Crafts from Waste Bucket

1. Cola Cap Snowman

Creativity at its best and here are the beautiful Christmas hangers for decorating your Christmas tree. It is very simple to make it. You just need few cola bottle caps, red ribbons, white or silver ribbons to hang, black and white paint colors, orange and black markers and most importantly glue and let us make one of these. Take 3 cola bottle caps and glue them in sequence as in picture. Paint white from inside and black from backside. Take the black marker and make the eyes. Now with orange one make the nose and keep it somewhat pointed so that it should look like a carrot. Again take the black marker and make the smiley and buttons of the snowman as in picture. Now take a piece of red ribbon and knot it between 1st and 2nd cola cap so that it should look like snowman’s muffler. Take white or silver ribbon and make a loop and glue it on the back side of upper cola cap and your Christmas snowman is ready to use on Christmas.  

2. Creative Yarn Gift wrapping

Urgency to present a gift to your dear one and it is raining outside to get a wrap or you short of money to buy gift wrap or any other reason you are not able to get the gift wrap? Don’t worry, Here is a simple and creative method to wrap a gift. It can take few minutes and labor of yours but I am dead sure that your loved one will be glad to see this. Wrap your gift with any simple paper cover in your home.Take two different color woolen strings which are usually available in every house. Take one string and simply start rolling around the gift. Take another string and roll the string one below and one above the previously rolled string as shown in picture. Give it equal number of turns as the previous string and there will be a beautiful pattern as shown. Your beautiful gift with creative gift wrap is ready to be presented.  


3. Tin Box Lamp

Take a cylindrical hollow tin box that is open from both sides. Paint it with silver paint so that it should shine. Make holes in the tin box with the pattern you desire but this should be done with care. Now place an oil lamp and cover it with the tin box. It’s done and it gives an amazing and illuminating effect.

4. Toy Plane from Cloth Clip and Ice cream sticks

Here is a beautiful toy plane for small kids that is made by using cloth clip and ice cream sticks. You can make this with nothing extra from your home. Take a cloth clip used for drying clothes,  4 ice cream sticks, glue and colors of your choice. Take the clip and paint with the desired color you like. Now take two ice cream sticks and place on both the sides of the clip parallel to one another as shown in the picture. You can paint it with another color you like. Now take another ice cream stick cut it into half and paint with your desired color and stick it with glue at the tail of the clip as shown. Your toy plane is ready but it will be somewhat unstable so to stabilize this use one more ice cream stick and paint it with black and place at the bottom of the clip as here. It will stabilize your plane and give firmness to it. Your Toy Plane is ready to play with it. 

5. Bottle Butterfly Container

Here is another simple and creative craft from waste bucket. You can store your secret items in it. You just need a bottle, some colorful sheets of paper, colors of your choice, 2 small strings and glue. Firstly cut 4 oval shapes of the colorful sheets you have. Two must be of one color and two of others and they must differ in size as in the picture. Choose the colors of your choice. Make different patterns on the ovals cut like stars, hearts, diamonds, circles, strings and whatever pattern you like. Stick the small sized oval on the upper half and large ovals downward as shown. Use the strings to make antennas of the butterfly. Use white and black colors to make the eyes and red color for the nose. The bottle is to be painted black and it is left for you when you try it. The Bottle Butterfly Container is ready and you can place your secret things here.

6. Creative Paper Bag for Grocery

Replace your simple grocery paper bag with a creative one, you just need a colorful string, a piece of cardboard, any old piece of cloth having any pattern, black marker. Take the cardboard and cut it into a small shape. It is oval here. You can also cut square shape or any other shape. Make a whole using a pen or a pin so the string may easily pass through it. Make the pattern with the marker on the cut piece and the paper bag is ready to use. Whenever you purchase something, Use the old hanky and on the folded end of the paper bag and  tie it with the colorful string with 4 or 5 rounds and take the piece of patterned cardboard and pass the strings from the hole of that piece. You will be the one with creative solutions of shopping in the market.


7. Ice Cream Stick Lamp Ball

Very simple and creative to make this Ice Cream Stick Lamp Ball and you just need a bundle of ice cream sticks and glue and one oil lamp to place inside. Take 3 ice cream sticks and make a triangle by joining its ends with glue. Make 16 triangles like this. Now it is a time of creativity and be careful doing this. Carefully join 2 triangles carefully at 120 degrees and then other remaining 14 also at approximate angle of 120 degrees and give it the shape of ball and it is your will to color it with your desired one. Now place the oil lamp inside the structure to give it a unique and creative feel.  

8. Recycled Wall Clock

Get time out of waste and here is the method to do this. You just need a waste cardboard, a wall clock motor and some newspapers and never forget to have glue. Take the cardboard and cut it into desired shape you want and color it with your favorite color. Now mark the hours with numbers one to twelve or with the name you like and here the words RECYCLING ART is placed from the newspaper cuttings. Now place the wall clock motor by pinning a hole in between the cardboard and now place two hands one small for hours and big for minutes of the clock. Our Recycled Wall Clock is ready.


9. Tin Box Holder

Take six empty cylindrical Tin Boxes of paint or food items from your backyard and paint them with the desired color and design you want and now take three boxes and join them with strong glue in parallel as in picture. You can make them colorful with different paint colors according to your taste. Mount two other boxes in between the depressions and stick them too with glue. Take the last box and glue it between the depression made by the 2 boxes. The beautiful Tin Box Holder is ready and you can place your items here.

10. Waste Bottle Art

You can convert the waste wine or cola bottles into a beautiful art as in the picture. Take a wine bottle and different colored rope pieces, some old broken artificial flowers from decorative item. Take the bottle and apply glue on the whole bottle and now take one colored rope and roll on the bottle. Now take other colored rope and roll over the previous one and make pattern of your choice. Put some broken numerals or alphabets from some broken toy or you can also paint one or two patterns on it. Your beautiful art piece is ready to be placed in your lobby or drawing room.

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