10 future technologies that will change the world

TECHNOLOGY is most talked word in the world and we know how technology advances and pacing and pacing and we are moving so fast that the technology that we use today can be of no use in few days or few months or in few years. The earlier gadgets that changed the world were initially limited and had access to a fewer people but now those has become common and reaches every person and even replaced maximum with newer ones. Here we are going to explore future as these future exploring technology and gadgets are going to change our world soon or may be tomorrow. Be ready to explore the future with these FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES.

1. Google Glass

Google Glass is ready to revolutionize the whole world with the farsightedness vision that it will provide us. It was an educational experiment earlier but it can be available to each and every person in affordable prices. You can automate this gadget for watching the social media feed, you can navigate through the GPS system through this wonderful Google Glass. You can also click shots from this wonderful future gadget. This will help in military intelligence and even in aviation industry. Though it is not available for everyone and costs nearly $1500 but it will be made available in economy version very soon. So let us wait and watch till then we have to use our old glasses.

2. Form 1

Printers are the lifeline of any industry as in a single day a lot of prints are needed for documentations and presentations. Engineers, Architects and other technocrats use printers for the detailing of their proposed models. But limitations of printer are that they are unable to give us the exact view of what we want and there are always problems in the real model if constructed. So what is the solution of this problem? We need a device that can give you an exact 3D model of the digital model that you have proposed. Can it be possible? Yes it is possible and Form 1 is one of 3D printer which gives you the real copy of the digitized model that you propose and it will solve so many loop holes in architectural industry and we can solve many other issues. This super future technology is introduced by the Form Labs and soon will be available for everyone to use.

3. Oculus Rift

3D Gaming is the most popular addiction in teens and even in adults too and they always want newer and real experience of Gaming and the resolutions, clarity and graphics are being upgraded each and every point of time. What if you feel like you are in the game? Yes now here is the gadget which will take you inside the game and it is possible by the Oculus Rift which gives you a real 3D gaming experience. It is a headset which is tied to your head and it gives you a view of 110 degrees and enhanced up to 90 more. This will make everyone mad and I am waiting for this futuristic technology.

4. Leap Motion

Touch pads and screens are common and we are even bored of these and we are in urge of something new and interesting and this urge of ours is over now as we are going to encounter the finest Leap Motion Technology devices which can enable us to operate the computer or TV screens with hands. You can browse videos, internet, play games and create canvases just with the motion of your hands. Amazing Technology and again I am eager to use this on my PC.

5. The Eye Tribe

You must have played fruit ninja game in your smart phones and tablets and have you ever wonder of slicing the fruits with merely the motion of your eyes? Now you can slice the fruits with the mere motion of your eyes and it had been made possible by The Eye Tribe. This technology is not merely for gaming but also for the real user authentication and what actually the user watches in the website or a program on TV or PC.

6. Smart Things

Smart Phones, Smart PCs and Smart TVs are known but what is this Smart Things? Smart Things is a future technology and concept which is going to revolutionize the world in near future from its innovative concept of converting all digital and non digital things into Smart Things by creating a hub and connecting them with internet and all the access to your mobile phone. If you forgot to lock your house, you can lock it with a click from your smart phone, you can see who is entering into your home, you can automate your lights with your smart phone and anything that you want to automate, they http://www.smartthings.com/ will do it for you.

7. Firefox Operating System (OS)

What a techno geek wants in his smart phone and tablet is pure customization according to his/her needs and likings but there are some restrictions in the Smart Phone Operating Systems like iOS and Android and here you feel low. But now you are going to experience a total change in your life with your smart phone as Firefox is providing you with Firefox Operating System where you can customize your phone apps and everything you want your way. It has no limitations and totally open source that will showcase a new era of smart phones. This is now available in smart phones such as ALCATEL ONE TOUCH FIRE, LG FIREWEB, ZTE OPEN.

8. Fiona Zone

Gaming is like a boosting meal for the teens and carrying PC every time with you is cumbersome and for this very problem Razer Zone has made a tablet for PC gamers which will have each and every feature of advance gaming. This technology is going to boost up the gaming zone as it will be compatible to carry and use. It uses the finest accessories and has Windows 8 OS. This is going to change the face of advance gaming.

9. Parallella                                                                                                                                                                                      

Parallella is going to be the next generation parallel computing hardware chips developed by the ADAPTEVA. It can make any TV a computer and you can use this as a low cost computer for carrying out your research purposes and doing many more things. There is a team of 20,000 developers which are giving each and everyone in the world the right to computer education and research. It is totally open source and you can download any software down there and enjoy the research work if you are not in position to spend thousands of dollars for a PC. This is really amazing future changing super computing device that is available to us in just $99 so that everyone could afford it.


10. Google Driverless Cars

Google is the most popular search engine and is known for its quickest and refined web search results. Google is developing a technology that will enable cars to drive themselves without anybody on the driver’s seat and this is totally based on the artificial intelligence and through high speed moving cameras in and out of the car. This concept has successfully completed 1600 Km test ride without driver and now Google is working to produce the consumer friendly driverless cars.


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