10 most stressful jobs in the world

Career, Jobs and Placements are the three words that can be heard in every corner of the world and the youngsters and college graduates are running after these three simple but complex words which are again Career, Jobs and Placements. Everyone needs to be successful in his career that is to be established by the job through the placement. Jobs are never easy and these are again never easy if you have no passion to do these with full enthusiasm and will. Here are some of the Jobs in the world which are the most stressful and never easy to do but these brave men are doing this for their living and what these are? Let us see 10 Most STRESSFUL JOBS in the world.

1. Enlisted Military Personnel

Median Salary: $28,800

The most stressful job is of the Enlisted Military Personal which is always in a threat to lose his life at any point of time. These enlisted military personnel are non commissioned officers who act as a shield between the terror from the enemy and our mother land. These are the primary victim of any war and border activity. They are always at the risk of their life and we salute to these saviors of our motherland who despite of so much stress and risk, stood for us.

2. Military General

Median Salary: $196,000

The second most stressful job in our list of 10 Most STRESSFUL JOBS in the world is of Military General of a country. Despite of having a very little risk or we can say no risk of losing life due to high security and respect and power in the hands, this is one of the most stressful jobs of all as this man is the one who is having the responsibility of the security of the whole country on his shoulders and to maintain this he has to carry out numerous operations and needs to make out important decisions which can affect the life of every individual of his country.

3. Firefighter

Median Salary: $45,200

Firefighter is the man who saves us from the burning flames of an accident by letting him into the danger of life. This noble service he provides to us pays him nearly a yearly sum of $45,000 and this is considered to be one of the 10 Most STRESSFUL JOBS in the world as fire fighting situation can become worse at any point of time and he has to be quick to make decisions at the spot so that he could save the lives of the people who are stuck inside the burning building.

4. Airline Pilot

Median Salary: $115,000

Airline Pilot job is one of the most responsible job of the world as there are so many lives at a single point of time which are dependent on your skill of riding them from their place to their destination place. This is considered to be one of the 10 Most STRESSFUL JOBS in the world as the airline pilot has to make decisions so quick and momentary so that they could drive safely through the winds and ferociousness of the sky.

5. Event Coordinator

Median Salary: $45,500

Organizing an event such as an elite marriage party or a business meet or a rock concert or any other event seems to be very delightful and juicy operations but my dear friends let me tell you that the job of the Event Coordination is one of the 10 Most STRESSFUL JOBS in the World. It is never easy to organize an event as the event manager has to take care of each and every aspect of the event keeping in mind the interest of even a single person whether he is a performer, judge or the audience.

6. Public Relations Executive

Median Salary: $55,000

Public Relations Executive is the one who act as the bridge between the Company officials and the Company Clients and this man has very special skills of satisfying both his company bosses and the company clients. Skills are one part but this maintenance of relations between these two is hard bound task and thus this is listed in our list of 10 Most STRESSFUL JOBS in the World. These Public Relation Executives has to face so many stresses from both the client as well as the boss side to finalize a deal.

7. Senior Corporate Executive

Median Salary: $170,000

The one who recruits young blood and other men at job can be so stressful that he made it into our list of 10 Most STRESSFUL JOBS in the World. Yes Senior Corporate Executives are so stressful that they sometimes are unable to balance their office and personal life. They have to face so many stresses such as company finances, disputes, client-company relations and the most difficult to avoid stress that is WIFE.

8. Newspaper Reporter

Median Salary: $35,000

News that we read in the newspaper is the result of the Blood and Sweat of so many newspaper reporters. They risk their life to make us aware about the happenings all around us. This is a very responsible job as a false report can lead to dissatisfaction among the masses and can lead to the destruction of law and order. Thus, the job of a newspaper reporter is listed in 10 Most STRESSFUL JOBS in the World.

9. Police Officer

Median Salary: $55,200

Here comes the responsibility of the whole city and the question of maintain law and order in a city. Who is responsible? It is the Police Officer of that city and state. To maintain law and order in a place is never an easy job and he has to overcome a lot of stresses at once like the political pressure and the pressure from the disturbance in the city due to any reason such as drug dealing, club fighting or any robbery.

10. Taxi Driver

Median Salary: $22,000

How taxi driver made it into our list of 10 Most STRESSFUL JOBS in the World. Taxi drivers seems to be happy and jolly most of the time but stressful. You must have never seen a taxi driver in stress but actually they are in stress as they share their stress of their customer to reach the respective place on time. He has to take care of each and every signal on the road and need to made it before the time mentioned by the customer. So whenever you somehow got late by the taxi, never shout at the taxi driver as he is equally stressful as you or even more stressful than you.

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