10 psyche and amazing sleeve tattoos


As we know that fashion is never stagnant and it always flows like water and experiences changes time to time. Now a day’s fashion industry is transforming into a magical way. Tattoos are now considered as the integral part of fashion and it has revolutionized the fashion industry. It is believed that the person who has tattoo on this body or sleeves or anywhere on their body are more bolder and confident that those who does not go for tattoo on their body. are To have a tattoo on your sleeve as well as on the body has become a fashion and more and more people are moving towards this new, amazing and psychic fashion and here are 10 Psyche and Amazing sleeve Tattoos which you can have on your sleeves as well.

1. Tribal 3-D Art Tattoo

Get your sleeve carved with this amazing piece of ancient art work. This amazing sleeve tattoo of ancient tribal carvings makes you bolder and more stylish than before. This sleeve tattoos gives 3-D effect and it causes illusion of whether this is a real art work on some wood or stone or really a tattoo. Have this one on your sleeve as well and feel the power in you of the heavenly and spiritual and ancient tribal gods.

2. Two Way Tattoo

This amazing sleeve tattoo art shows two different views if seen carefully. It seems like a deadly skull from far away and when we see this from close it seems to be a dating couple holding hand and enjoying wine. You can have this beautiful tattoo of both love and after love in a single glance. Have it on your sleeve and let the world make their own perceptions.

3. Be a Human Tattoo

Being human, we deal with many emotions and feelings like happiness, freedom, integrity, love, integrity, liberty, insanity, friendship, aggressiveness and all these make up a man and out of these one or two can be your strong point or emotion and you can mark it here with a different color. Like in this sleeve tattoo love is the strongest emotion of this guy and it is highlighted by red in the dark colors. If you want to show the world that how strong you are for something than this very designed tattoo is perfect for you and get on your strong emotion on your sleeve.

4. Aim High Tattoo

It’s a very simple sleeve tattoo but it has very much in it to learn from it. This simple illustration of different arrows symbolizes the different paths and practices adopted to hit the respective target. This also teaches us that there must be a firm target with everyone and we should try again and again by different means to reach our target and goal and hit it. This fine tattoo teaches us a big lesson that no target goal or aspiration is impossible to get but only thing you have to choose is the path to hit your goal and target. Get this simple and amazing sleeve tattoo and aim high.

5. Warrior Tattoo

Warriors are the power of a nation and it is presumed that warriors are the symbol of a free nation or state and this amazing sleeve tattoo reflects the effort of a warrior he applies in the battle field to save guard the integrity, prosperity and prestige of his nation. This amazing sleeve tattoo is a tribute to the soldiers who remain away from their home so that we can peacefully sleep at night with our family at our home. Get this one on your sleeve and feel proud of yourself.

6. The Hope Tattoo

This tattoo represents a mysterious city which is covered by the clouds and it had covered the sun and the darkness everywhere. A mysterious man is also there walking through the streets of the town and he roll over his stick towards the sky and then bang. Sun slashed the clouds and the darkness turned into glowing morning representing hope, happiness and prosperity. Have this beautiful concept sleeve tattoo on your sleeve and spread the message of hope and happiness.

7. Love Tattoo

This is very simple yet creative Chinese tattoo having curvy waves and cuts between the waves. In the end there is a letter “A” depicting the name of your dear one. It may be your wife, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. Here in this tattoo the letter “A” is representing the initial of the name of the gal to whom the guy bearing the tattoo loves. You can have any letter on your sleeve with this beautiful, simple and creative tattoo. Have this on your sleeve with letter pointing to your near and dear and make them feel super special.

8. Pet Tattoo

This is a time to show your love for your dearest pet. Have the tattoo of your pet here on your sleeve like this beautiful dog tattoo on the sleeve. You may have different pet apart from the dog such as a parrot, a sweet cat, a rabbit, a horse, a pigeon or the pet you are actually having. This kind of tattoo will make you as well as your pet feel good for each other. Go for this finest art and show your love for your dearest pet.

9. Save Environment Tattoo

Here in this tattoo a city is visible but with shagginess and let me tell you guys and gals this very city is London clearly depicting the Empire Estate building and the famous Clock Tower of London. This tattoo is depicting the poor condition of London due to pollution and pollutants by the effect of industries and the very popularly known as industrial growth during the industrial revolution. Have this environment friendly and green earth awareness tattoo on your sleeve to contribute a bit for your mother earth.

10. Magic World Tattoo

This tattoo depicts a magician showing his tricks to the audience and giving the message to the world that this world is a magic show and everyone is a magician and expert of his/her own tricks and tactics by which they are earning and living in this beautiful, mysterious, lovely and fascinating world.

You can try any of these psychic and amazing sleeve tattoos to look different, bolder and smart and let your body speak more about you than your words.

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