10 Simple Ideas to Boost the Value of Your Home

Have you ever wondered how you could add value to your home?

Whether or not you consider your chances of selling your home, you may create a few upgrades and home improvements without being guilty since you think it’s a luxury. For your home to be the one to be picked out of tens or hundreds of homes on the market, sweetening the pot may be the answer to selling your home.

Check out these ten ways that people use to improve their luck at selling their home quickly and more efficiently.

Improve Space

Over having either a large or small-scale floor plan, having enough space for things at home could be the primary objective of adding value. You can knock out non-structural walls or even remove that kitchen island.

Adding space creates a sense of flow in the house which is appealing to the eyes and of course to buyers for future purposes. Creating space also gives a variety of adjustments depending on your needs.

Also, every homeowner can improve their personal space at home by making sure that the place is not too warm. Have it well-ventilated by regularly letting an HVAC contractor in Houston TX check your AC (if you’re from Houston).

Landscaping Duties

You wouldn’t deny a home with greens in the back or front yard impress anyone who wants to check out your home.

But with this, you need to maintain proper etiquette for as it gives a positive view, without proper care, it could also ruin the look. Tangled trees and unkempt bushes can obscure views, darken interiors, promote mold, and block a good look at the house and it makes sense to know “trimming” “plucking” and garden duties to keep it nice and tidy.

“People forget about their trees more than almost anything,” says Roger Voisinet, a thirty-year veteran of the Charlottesville, Virginia real estate market. Landscaping is one of the top three investments that bring the biggest return.

According to a 2007 survey of 2,000 brokers conducted by HomeGain, an online real estate marketing site, an investment of around $400 or $500 in landscaping, can bring a return of four times that.

“It could make a significant difference in the price. Nobody likes to spend money, but landscaping might even be the most important thing, even if owners have kept up the house,” says Voisinet.

Innovate and Renovate

Whether you’re planning to sell or tell, house renovation does come in handy. You need not spend much on the money, with the use of creativity skills; you can innovate your unused baggy attic into a spare room, cabinets into closets and much more!

Renovate your attic. The space above a garage is often small, dusty and cramped space and sometimes rarely even used for storage. Why not turn it into a bedroom suite? Add as many windows as possible for that precious natural light. Recessed windows, hardwood flooring, built-ins and custom seating are also great ways to add value.

Kitchen Revival

One of the most important places you should find in a home is the kitchen. Yes. It is the place where we cook and look; and maintaining its warmth, allure, and comfort can be one of the most important things to keep in mind.

A kitchen area transformation can add to the value of your home and make your time preparing more efficient and pleasurable. Consider putting appliances that are useful in your everyday chores.

Cabinets and plate collectibles arranged, throw in new light fixtures and you’ve got a great-looking, updated space. Remember: kitchens sell houses, so investing in an improvement in this room is the way to go.

The Bathroom

We all know bathrooms need to be precisely clean, and that means the toilet, bathtub, sinks, and faucets should be working properly. Consider checking the facilities, make minor changes as when one will not function.

Small changes can be advantageous because they cost less and often net a greater return than the investment. If you have old tile or a dated tub, sink and toilet, consider replacing those items.

If you keep the same layout, there’s not a lot of expense that has to go into it. Changing some of the things in your bathroom like light fixtures, linens, and accessories are easy ways to breathe new life into space.

Flexible Rooms

Personal rooms do add value especially as to what uses it would be. Spice up your rooms by customizing it, but, never overdo the process.

Things like hardwood floors, wiring for cable, TVs, and plenty of windows are good ways to customize while keeping the room versatile. Another idea is to make the space one that you can easily convert into a guest suite, studio, family room or a den.

Windows, Light, Furniture

Of course. The three above add value to your sweet home.

Installing new windows can be beneficial for more than one reason. On an average house, 30 percent of energy is out through your windows. They are not only significant regarding energy issues, but they are also a signal to a future buyer that the current homeowners have taken good care of the house.

You should also observe proper lighting indoors.  Lighting can make a house into a home and will allow the personality of the owner to shine through.

Without proper lighting, the impact of all the other well-thought out details – elegant furnishings, opulent flooring, luxurious wall coverings – will be lost. So getting the lighting right is essential if we are to make the most out of our homes.

Picking up furniture also brings out the best features at home. Consider a theme or an idea of your living room couch, the tables and chair, floral vases and even painted artworks to showcase the entire home space. Keep it simple yet elegant, and that in itself won’t cost you as much!


The colors or the wall décor improve house design and might as well brings out the mood of the home’s entirety. Using up appropriate shading and color give emphasis, furthermore, boosting the value of your home. Paint on the outdated wall colors, pick out appropriate room paint and splash a little color on those walls!

Beautify Collections

Surely in each of everybody’s home lies a mother’s hobby of collecting figurines and such or perhaps dad’s majestic library. Either way, this can add up the value of your home if you make it more presentable, viewable and intact. You can spice up your library corner, or you can also shine up your music room. It’s all in your care!

Clean as you go

A clean and tidy home is a happy home. Add up your home value by keeping it spick-and-span, dust-free and odor-free. There’s nothing more to love, and it gains up as much satisfaction if ever you’re planning to sell it out, or stay for the longest time.


Adding value to your home must be considered regardless if you are selling it or not. Your home should be accommodating enough to provide a warm experience to your family.

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