10 Tips to Revamp Luxury into Your Home

We often hear the adage “home is where the heart is”. But how often do we actually feel satisfied or, at the very least, comfortable in our homes? Even if every day we return to this place called “home”, we still frequently neglect or forget that our beloved house also needs looking after.

So have you ever considered revamping luxury into your home, or is it just an afterthought?

The first thing that may come to your mind may be the word expensive. But then again, luxury means more than just lavishness or extravagance. It has more to do with comfort and freeing yourself from stress or anxiety.  A truly grand home is not one that costs a huge amount of money. It’s when every piece or part of your home is there for a purpose and not just cobbled together.

By simply paying attention to smaller details in decorating your house, such as adding a sculptural chair, layered textures, or an oversized light, you can incorporate luxury to your space without having to break the bank.

Here are 10 tips you may want to consider to revamp luxury into your home.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Tip No. 1 – Stick to the classics
  • 2 Tip No. 2 – Add your own details
  • 3 Tip No. 3 – Move on from a dated fixture
  • 4 Tip No. 4 – Spark it up with some contrast
  • 5 Tip No. 5 – Commit to a unified palette
  • 6 Tip No. 6 – Invest in flooring
  • 7 Tip No. 7 – Make a focal point
  • 8 Tip No. 8 – Invest in built-in designs
  • 9 Tip No. 9 – Don’t neglect lighting
  • 10 Tip No. 10 – Don’t forget the finishing touches

Tip No. 1 – Stick to the classics

Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, the most high-end homes are drenched in neutrals. If you want your home to have a feel that’s calm, classic and zen – going neutral is the way to go. Create a neutral base for anything that is expensive to update elements such as fixtures, floors, upholstery, etc. Accessories or focal points in hotter hues will undoubtedly take center stage with such a neutral base.

Tip No. 2 – Add your own details

If you have a collection of fascinating pieces, go ahead and display them around your home. Your guests will be ecstatic asking you about the stories behind them. Consider placing them in a way that will coordinate with the other elements in the room. You won’t want your fascinating piece to destroy the “luxury look” you’re trying to achieve.

Art also makes a home feel more personal. Adding matching frames can make personal items like museum postcards, photo booth strips, and children’s art become truly eye-pleasing.

Tip No. 3 – Move on from a dated fixture

The thing about dated fixtures is that they are hard to let go especially if they have some sentimental value attached. If you can get it fixed or give it a makeover, then that would be good. But if it is no longer functional, then, by all means, you have to ditch it.

Swapping out an old fixture with something more current can instantly update the ambience of any home space.

Tip No. 4 – Spark it up with some contrast

A tonal contrast will spark interest. Choosing the right shades like espresso, taupe, and white gives a sophisticated upgrade to any room that’s both modern and traditional.

Give your bathroom or kitchen a sparkly look by coordinating your hardware finishes. Replace those incompatible accessories with coordinating pieces that will make your space look truly luxurious.

Tip No. 5 – Commit to a unified palette

When there’s contrast, there also have to be a unified palette. Uniform pillows, curtains, and rugs create a consistent look that makes other important details in your room to stand-out.

Consider the rule of repetition for you not to get lost in the sea of colors, fabrics, and textures. Tame your unruly design with a unified palette to avoid having a space with elements competing against each other and has no focal point.

Tip No. 6 – Invest in flooring

We don’t always look down but light-colored stone flooring materials such as marble and limestone always guarantee a feeling of grandeur. To add extra opulence, opt for a central design within the floor. In the living room or bedroom, a carpet or a silk rug is an excellent choice if you wish to go for natural textures.

Transforming with tile is also another great option. It’s not just beautiful and timeless but will also fit your budget. To add interest, introduce a second tile design in a different color or size.

Tip No. 7 – Make a focal point

A focal point attracts attention in a room. It’s basically something that draws people’s eyes and focus their attention on a certain décor of the room. It also creates a certain feeling or mood that defines the emotional impact of a specific space. A room’s focal point influences the arrangement of furniture. Adjusting your room decorations to emphasize a focal point is the best way to re-energize a boring space.

Tip No. 8 – Invest in built-in designs

Built-in designs are quite the trend nowadays. Not only are they practical but they are also a stylish investment. Since they are designed to your own preferences, they maximize every inch of space.

Most custom built houses consider bespoke furniture and appliances as huge factors in creating a sense of luxury. If you’re a coffee lover, imagine an integrated coffee machine and a hot water tap. There’s nothing better than built-in machines that prove convenience is a luxury in itself.

Tip No. 9 – Don’t neglect lighting

Don’t overlook lighting for it adds another dimension of beauty and focuses light onto your accent pieces. The lighting in a home alters the mood of each room. It can either provide illumination for the entire room or highlight specific elements. Natural and man-made lighting helps greatly in creating the illusion of space.

Tip No. 10 – Don’t forget the finishing touches

Just because you’re finished with the shell of your room, doesn’t mean the job is done. Always remember that adding finishing touches is also important. They bring out the personality of the room to reflect who you are as a person.

Fresh plants and flowers quickly transform any space to add color and life instantly. But if you don’t have time to keep them fresh and perky, new artificial plants also work best.

So there you have it! When you build a luxury home, replace your mentality of “saving it” with the principle of “becoming better to best”. It’s not just about going for something expensive. Begin by making simple improvements in your home that make you feel luxurious but don’t cost a lot. By treating ourselves to a little bit of luxury and choosing the better options, we begin to shift our lives. We begin to feel confident and empowered.


Robert Allam has had an understanding of Trendsetter Homes inside and out since he started with the business as a client over 10 years ago. Eventually becoming part of the company as a Sales Consultant, then Office Manager, and now as Finance and Sales Manager, Robert has seen the company grow from a small team of 4 to a professional team of 16 and has guided many clients through the process of developing their dream of a unique, luxury home.

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