11 February :: A Happy Day to Remember your Promise for Lifetime

After gifting so many presents and spending so much on your partner, here comes a day when an immaterialistic gift comes your way. This might be something inexpensive but its value is much higher as compared to other prestigious gifts. This day is well-known as The Promise day and celebrated all over the world with great ebullience. Send your firnds promise day photos and messages. See the  complete Valentines Date Sheet and wish on each day.

Happy Promise Day

11th February is the world promise day and a day for all the people in love to confess their love and make some significant promises that last forever. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make a promise with him or her. A promise in itself is a heavy word and it should only be made if one is capable enough to not to break it.
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A couple of words can prove magical to your relation and tend to enhance the positivity between the both. It’s the words like these which actually discern the romance in you and bound you to be dedicated to your partner. Its the perfect reason why Happy Promise Day should be celebrated happily.

These days, its a popular tendency amongst the youngsters to copy some cheesy stuff from the social sites and claim it as their words for the Promise day. Cmon dude..!! It’s not a competition where have to be best with your lines on the eve of promise day. It’s a day specially meant for those words or lines said only if you mean it and tend to keep it for the time to come. Promises can be done any day, anytime but the true essence lies in making the promises on such a day which is always worth memorizing. Some say these days are just a formality. But the ones who truly believe in it are the supporters of this day and understand the value attached to it. Send Promise Day Images and Photos to your friends to show how much you care. Have you celebrated Happy Chocolate Day on 9 Feb?
Now one can ask what a promise means to you? Or how responsible do you feel after making a promise with someone? Is promise only made to your beloved? Do you parents and friends don’t keep that value when a promise is made to them? The promise day is an answer to all these questions. The significance attached to this day is totally sardonic since this day falls on the week of Valentine’s but is a day for all sorts of relations. Be it with a brother, sister or a friend or even your parents. A promise made with any of these ought to be kept and dared not broken since each relation is equally precious. If kept, it is termed as a reflection of your mindset towards the one you are attached to. Gift a teddy on Teddy Day to your lover.
The promise day is the fifth day of Valentine’s week and this day is a reminder to all the ones in love: Guys wake up and promise your love the one thing she has been expecting of you. With big dreams in your eyes, you wake up to the fantasy of being in a relationship and are laid with the responsibility of fulfilling the prmises made to your partner. This could be done even in the form of small gestures. Express your love with these free Free Valentines Day Images.
Always keep in mind: ‘A promise if kept means everything but leaves nothing if broken’. So my friend, promise only if you intend to keep it. Because the piousness lies in the feelings attached while making it and not in the words alone.
Enjoy the Valentine’s week. Enjoy and celebrate Happy Promise Day.

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