20 most popular websites of india

Here are the 20 Most Popular Websites of India that are being used by maximum Indians. 

1. google.co.in

Google.co.in is an Indian version of popular search engine giant google.com. This is the most popular among Indians and for searching anything on the web they prefer mainly google.co.in. The Indian version of Google shows results taking care of the needs and the mentality of the Indians. This is like a super helper and an all time teacher for them from which they can search, find and learn.

2. google.com

Google.com is the second most popular and used site in India. It is the global version of Google and used after google.co.in that is its Indian version of the same Google. Here it shows the results globally by taking care of the interest of every single person on the earth.

3. facebook.com

Facebook.com is the most popular social networking site which has a great influence on the world. Connections between friends, relatives has become very much easy. This social networking site Facebook allows its users to share their pictures, thoughts and statuses all over the globe. It also allows video chatting facility for its users. Indians are the second most active users of Facebook after USA.   

4. youtube.com

Youtube.com is the most popular and famous online video library which carry out millions of video uploads daily and has billions and billions of videos in its library from all over the world. This site is also popular in India and most viewed by the Indians. The reason for its popularity is the easy and free upload and download of videos from Youtube and here you can also make your Youtube channel for free and also you can earn from that.

 5. yahoo.com

Yahoo.com is another search engine giant but Google has overpowered him. But many people still trust their old friend Yahoo for their searches. It is also somehow popular due to its old mailing services.

6. blogspot.in

Blogspot.in is a free blogging platform that is provided by Google to its users. Here you can create your free blogs and write according to your interest and your field. From here you can also earn money by applying for Adsense which is also of Google and allows advertisements on your blog and whenever someone click on the Ad, the specified amount is credited to your account according to the quality of your content.

7. wikipedia.org

Wikepedia.org is an online free encyclopedia from where you can have the knowledge of everything that you want, Everything means everything. There is hardly anything that is not included in this giant online encyclopedia. You can prepare your notes, research papers and many other things that you want to do.

8. linkedin.com

Linkedin.com is a professional social networking site. Here you can have a free and premium account where you can connect with the professionals all over the world. Here you can add your skills and apply for jobs and also employer can post jobs with his specific requirements. The Linkedin network matches requirements and skills and connect the employer and the employee.

9. indiatimes.com

Indiatimes.com is a popular Indian site and that provides latest news and buzzing topics. This website is a Internet venture of Times of India Group. This provides latest information on topics such as News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Astrology, Photo gallery, Technology, Sports, Top Lists. It also provides info on the latest issues prevailing in India.  

10. flipkart.com

Flipkart.com is an online shopping store which has a variety of products in its cart. It has started its journey from a simple online books selling site but now it has become the finest online shopping market for Indians. Various discounts and offers are available on this site that you can avail to buy your desired things and items.

11. wordpress.com

WordPress.com is the most popular and efficient blogging platform. You can have a free blog from WordPress or can have blog of your choice which needs paid hosting and domain. The cause of its popularity is its SEO friendly nature. It can rank your site and blog in search engine fast than any other blogging platform.  

12. twitter.com

Twitter.com is the only site with Google page rank 10 and the site popularly used by the celebrities. It’s a micro-blogging site where people can just post their idea or event under 140 characters. It’s most trusted micro-blogging site and the celebrities using Twitter can have their accounts verified so that there should be no chance of impersonification and fraud.

13. quickr.com

Quicker.com is an online Indian classified site where you can buy or sell your needed items. It deals with the dealing of Cars, Motorcycles, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Apartments on Rent, Home Furniture and Jobs as well. Here you can search for the buyer and seller in the particular area that you want. Free Advertisement can be posted and really a boon for the people.

14. pinterest.com

Pinterest.com is an online pin board where you can pin pictures and your photo ideas. This is a finest way to share your pictures with your friends and relatives. Here you can make different boards each of a particular idea or topic and pin your pictures here in it with a unique description of each photo. You can connect your Pinterest account to twitter and Facebook as well.

15. stackoverflow.com

Stackoverflow.com is an online discussion site for the programmers. It’s a programming forum in other sense. Here the enthusiast programmers sit and ask and post questions and answers to their problems in programming.

16. rediff.com 

Rediff.com is a popular mailing service in India. It similar to other mailing services such as Yahoo.com, Live.com and Gmail.com. it is a popular Indian site. It also publishes news and cricket scores time to time.

17. live.com

Live.com is a mailing portal that is managed by Microsoft now. It was earlier known by the name Hotmail.com before falling into the hands of Microsoft. It was built by an Indian graduate Saveer Bhatia.

18. myntra.com

Myntra.com is an online shopping portal of India. Its maximum visitors are from India and it is able to influence Indians due to its luring offers and discounts on the items like shoes and dresses. This website is also popular for its discounts on the electronic items such as memory cards, pen-drives and other mobile accessories.  

19. snapdeal.com

Snapdeal.com is another Indian shopping site in our list of 20 Most Popular Websites of India. It also provides discount coupons on footwear, dresses, electronic items and gadgets. These types of sites has changed the course of Indian market and shopping has become a way of fun due to these sites.

 20. Olx.in

Olx.in is the most popular direct trading portal that is direct Consumer to Customer marketplace where they can directly contact with each other to sell and purchase the items.


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