2017 Trends: Three Things To Remember to Keep the Style of Your Home In Trend

A known English proverb states, there’s no place like home. Indeed, a four-cornered room is more than just walls, ceilings, and windows. Some even believe that the setup of one’s house describes their personality.

With this idea in mind, people go the extra mile and decorate their house according to their taste, style, and even principles in life, completely displaying their persona in their respective homes.

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Different decorations and innovations arise as people get inspiration from one another’s ideas compiled in lists called trends. Human as we are, we follow trends. From what paint colors should we use for our walls to what curtains should we use to cover up our windows, trends come in many types and people never tire in believing in them.

As trends arise and develop, and there have been numerous designs that never go old. Actually, trends don’t dramatically change but instead, they evolve and develop a little bit from the former trends. In 2017, classic interior designs are still in the market and so are modern interiors.

What makes this year a bit different from the former years is that it have few intricate focus when it comes to deciding how should a beautiful house be. Experts think that if you have these ideas in your mind when you play with your interiors, the aesthetics for your house is a sure hit.

So as of 2017, here are some of the latest home designs idea either for remodeling your small apartment or your soon-to-be home sweet home.

Centralized Theme

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A house with one theme can deliver a message that the owner of the house is just as collected and organized as the theme of the house. If there is a certain theme in the room, say, for example, classical or modern theme, the room will not look topsy turvy and will look elegant regardless of whatever theme you preferred.

In most cases, people decide to have no themes at all and just display furniture where they would fit which is a big no-no. Such mindset is a risk to the floor plan which will lead to interior disaster.

For 2017, trendy house fashion themes include metallic themes or a house filled with steel appliances. You can also consider a quartz or marbled centralized theme for a room or two to express a solid message of elegance and solidarity to your guests.

Other themes to support the trends of 2017 are themes of unified colors. If you considered a beige wall, you would want to accompany it with a beige cabinet, brown table or a white cream couch to complete a sophisticated room. But if you are someone edgy, you can play with patterns for your wallpaper together with an L-shape sofa and a large flat screen.

Nevertheless, a theme that never ages is a theme rooted from values and principles. If you ever try having one, expect a lot of pleasing comments for your house. Such theme will add a sentimental price to your house.

Center of Attraction

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A focal point is the point of the house that will centralize everything. It is basically the center of attraction for a room. Knowing the focal point of one’s homes is knowing the balance of your house.

You might want to think of it this way, a seesaw can be balanced if there’s one thing in the center that can balance both sides. This image is similar to a focal point’s purpose being the heart of the room.

A focal point by then needs to have a focal piece for remarks. It must be something that is worth the attention and the design. Most focal pieces are tables, chandeliers, or even mirrors or paintings on the wall. However, we shouldn’t limit our imagination to only those things as a focal piece. Being imaginative enough, a focal piece could be a hall window or the door itself as long as it keeps the center of the room.

Furthermore, as the center of attraction pieces, no other objects should be able to steal the spotlight from them. If you consider the thought of having a half window as the centerpiece of the room, bear in mind not to put a cabinet or a table beside it that would compete for the attention needed by the window.

More so, you wouldn’t want one of the window washers in Houston to have some hard time in doing their job, right? The cabinet or the table could be a block to their jobs or to the beauty of the window.

Monochromatic Adoration

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In the paragraph above, we emphasize the value to centralized themes and to centralized pieces. However, these two are not the only things that we should bear in mind so that the fashion of the floor plan won’t be in a disarray. One thing that puts these two into order is the color of the theme and the color of the furniture.

Color plays an important role in the interior design. The psychology of colors is a fact already known to the public. In fact, many establishments use the logic of colors to attract customers and to increase productivity among their employees. So to say, colors can alter our mood. With this knowledge, you should be wise in choosing the right color for both your theme and appliances.

For appliances, experts expect that there will be a boom in demand when it comes to matte colored technologies. Though it will be more fancy to have an appliance that will most likely match the color of your walls in pastel, a great demand for sophistication brought by matted color appliances is still on the list.

This year of the rooster 2017, also encourages splashy colors for the kitchen area. Since the kitchen is the homiest area for most families, bringing in the vibrant mood through a happy colored kitchen is one thing that should be on the must-try list. A splashy color for the kitchen may be in the shade of pink, orange, and yellow. The kitchen is also the right place for the colorful appliances to add to the vibrancy of the room.


“You are where you live” could be the right quote for the relationship of the homeowner and the house. People nowadays can express who they are in the manner of how they dress, what they eat, and how they design their house. The sky’s the limit when it comes to exposing your personality.

More so, we always like trends and flowing with it. For this year people prefer extravagance in simplicity. Yes, we have great automated appliances, high ceilings, vibrant interior etc. But all these things evolves to the three main points that could turn your simple house to an elegant manifesto. These three things being the theme, the furniture, and the colors.

Who knows? Maybe with only these three things in mind, you will not only be trendy for 2017 but for the years to come.


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Layla is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for six years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.

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