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“Music is a higher revelation than philosophy” Declares Beethoven. Play the Symphony no. 9, tune out the world around you and let all else fade away. Turn all your senses towards the anti-classic opening, taste the wild utopian idealism and the disillusionment, all worlds apart, in the 70 minute long ambiguous harmony – Symphony 9. See the music undo you, and let it consume your all. Touch Beethoven’s sense of chaos and harmony, wrapped in this beautiful turmoil that we still can’t quite encapsulate. In music you will find an infinite universe, where the slightest of emotions are embodied and immortalized, and the infinitesimal expressions are made into constellations. Such is music.

The perpetuity of music and its existence as an invisible force in the spiritual world has been influential in the most mysterious of ways, and found carnal form when Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph, to change the way it unfolds to humans, for eternity to come. Years prior to this novelty, the idea of music was to experience it live, and in flesh. The consumption of music revolutionized with the Phonograph’s ability to record and repeat play music. Fast forward 139 years to the world of iPods, music sites online, music softwares and so much more that seems staggering when considered in relativity, we’ve come a long way – and so has the consumption of music. Let’s take an average individual of today, and his/her outlook on music. Being a writer, I cannot function without my caffeine and good music blasting my ear pods, and it seems second nature for me to have background music of my choice, depending on my current frame of mind. The ease with which you can find any musical creation ever made is mind-blowing, given our incessant internet and cable TV packages – as provided by Xfinity TV internet. If I were to start telling you the number of types of music, genres, artists, playlists that exist in this day, we’d lose ourselves in the dimension of music for it is all-consuming. You could discover a hundred new tunes every day and still not come to an end with the claim of having learnt all there is to music. Unlike writing, painting and any other form of art, the cache of music exists entirely and is dependent for its embellishment on the digitization, in our smartphones, different apps that you can stream music from – YouTube, Soundcloud etc. and download from – in the form of Mp3, Mp4, etc.

Music and the Human Body:

It’s said that music heals. And so it does. The soothing, sweeping effect of a melodious sound to our ears is oddly gratifying, perhaps because humans by instinct, are attracted to all things beautiful and soft. Music has been documented to help diminish the sensation as any manifestation of physical pain. Scientifically, it works its magic in two ways: first, it is known to release endorphins in our brains that make us ecstatic, and bring us to our positive fronts. Since dopamine and serotonin are released by listening to music, it has a calming effect, and releases all sorts of stress. Second, it actually provides incredible distraction from misery – physical or mental – and drawing from personal experience, (given that you follow the right sort of music) it can actually prove to be motivational and inspirational in times of need. It’s unheard of, but there’s a subtly influential nature of music that can reach your very core and shake you without your knowledge, and can also aid in creating you as a person; listening to music is known to stimulate many areas of the brain, including visual, motor and limbic – those associated with emotions. Hence, listening to the right tune pumps you up and chases away lethargy, acting as the push we all need from time to time to “go get it”, for instance, the effect of the upbeat tunes we play at the gym while working out – they play a huge role in helping you burn those calories!

Speaking strictly of music genres that are calming to the nerves, such as ambient music, spa music, shoegazing and dream-pop, the heartbreakingly soft and bitter soothing music that we all learn to close our eyes and relax to – is known to physically improve breathing and heartbeat. Play this type of music and feel yourself physically unravel into your majestic self that you’re shying away from in your everyday life. It may also play a critical role in physical and mental development, and your outlook on life.

Music and Escapism:

The wonderful abyss that is provided by music that each individual separately chooses for oneself is not only leisurely, but necessary at times. In a world of hard realism that encapsulates us today, life often discovers new ways of wearing us down, and the odds are not always in our favor. Humans are designed to seek comfort and solace as long as they breathe, and music may just provide us with exactly that, considering that we know how to create our own nirvana. Stumbling across the right compositions is my personal escapism. For instance, if you’re in the need for a vacation and need to get away from the fickle demanding world, you may find exactly what you need – huddle up in your room and put on your headphones, and begin to YouTube. Since every individual has his/her own expression, a different persona, a unique taste, this escapism is different for everyone. Some may find it in grunge and hard rock metal music that drowns and melts away the surroundings, some may find it in soothing music that makes them feel as if they’re afloat atop cool water in a lake somewhere serene. Some may find it in the psychedelic music that acts as a high, and takes them to new levels of psychological stimulation, playing with their emotions and giving a strong adrenaline rush. If you haven’t discovered your personal musical bliss yet, keep exploring.

Creators of Music Today:

The art of making music has always been a spiritual affair – rather transcendent. From Beethoven’s symphonies to post-modern masterpieces that will remain eternal; Pink Floyd’s psychedelic rock, Queen’s classic rock, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Pepper and so on… we move up the ladder of time have certainly evolved. Needless to say, the music is influenced by our societies, our outlook on life, our customs and way of life. While music has always been the voice of controversy that no one dares point out through time, some of the bands that we continue to listen to have created albums on the controversial issues such as patriarchy, terrorism, war schemes, etc. For instance, The Wall by Pink Floyd is a compilation of songs inspired by the people who suffer in wars, drug abuse and insanity. Music is also a great way of paying tribute to someone special. For instance, Pink Floyd’s infamous 36 minute track “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” is a tribute to the founder of the band who lost war against insanity from perpetual substance abuse. Music is created to be heard, to make aware, to disillusion those who follow it. But owing to its dynamic nature, that’s not all it is there for. It’s also created to stimulate our brains, our creative sides, the empaths in us that feel solely, and shut away our rationale. For instance, the mindboggling music made by deep house bands and psychedelic rock bands, Pink Floyd being the pioneering and most remarkable of them all, is there to activate the areas of our souls, our brains that we didn’t know existed. The spiritual enlightening and the harmony that exists amongst constellations and the universe is offered to us by these musical magicians through their own discernment of sound, their individuality that’s expressed through their tunes and voices.

In the 21st century, music is made differently than it was a hundred years back. The instruments upon which music was made by hand in the past, are eternally respected and adored throughout the world but the methods of composition have also evolved. Now, we have access to these music softwares that help us create the perfect sound as we desire in exactly the same pitch and dialect, by merely sitting on your computer at home. Who would have thought that there was a way around music apart from owning and learning all those majestic instruments? With the right internet connection, you can not only compose, but also upload your personal musical creations on online forums – for instance by Xfinity TV internet.

A popular opinion, keeping in mind globalization and all that it has revolutionized, says that in with the capitalist turn that societies have now taken, it’s possible that amongst other things, music is considered just another way to make money. It is possible for a growing number of cases, for instance, over-commercialized music that is there for the sake of making sales and their CD’s reaching the drawers of the majority of people. But the sad part remains – the essence of music, the individual spirit and the passion that it’s supposed to bring to the layman is lost when it’s commercialized.

The Consumer of Music Today:

With an overabundance in the realm of music today, I personally get consumed for hours at end, surfing, exploring, trying to understand, and eventually falling in love. I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of us, although the type of music that we become partial to is different for everyone. With the availability of music online, get yourself a good internet connection when gearing up to explore the musical world. Check out Xfinity offers and quickly purchase the one you think is best, and dive in! The diversity that we have in music today reflects perfectly in the increasingly pernickety consumer base, composed of people who are extremely certain of the type of music they’re into, and would demand that very genre of music. For instance, today’s pop culture is all about categorization that’s inspired by the different types of music branching out from existing ones, thanks to mini inventions in today’s music, and the evolution of old music. This categorization is not just amidst the music world – it has crept into our everyday life. Metal fans are expected to be a particular sort; emo, with tattoos and piercings, dark and bitter. Rock fans are a certain type, to an extent that a person’s level of “coolness” may actually depend on the music they listen to. We’re all guilty of this particular stereotyping, but it exists and is getting stronger. We feel that we’ll get along better with someone who shares the same taste in music as us, and seldom do we ever explore another’s favorite in music, somewhat displaying the power struggle that’s present between humans, no matter how mild and invisible. Music has today become a lifestyle, and a shield behind which we hide ourselves, a mask we wear to help others label us and throw us under a particular category.

Is it possible that by receiving music enlightenment, music has started to lose its value in front of us? Are we beginning to forget its purpose and have started using it as basis of a certain social conduct? Perhaps the commercializing of music amongst other things and a certain societal “acceptability” of a particular track influences our decision to like it. Keeping in mind the psychological perspective, it’s easy to assume that because humans have this need to be liked and appreciated, mob mentality comes into play in a number of ways, and it may also be a deciding factor in the way music is consumed in today’s world. Because of this particular practice, I’m on the belief that old really is gold when it comes to music. The pure, raw expression that was displayed in the alternative rock bands – such as Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Guns n Roses, and going further back to the pioneering artists such as Beethoven and Mozart – is a rare occurrence in today’s music world. To explore more, get on board with Xfinity TV internet and get the chance to learn about music with the help of unlimited streaming and downloading, as offered by lightning fast Xfinity internet.

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