5 Awesome Locations to Teach English Abroad

Countless people who have pursued careers in the realm of education find their calling in unique ways. While many people who wish to teach plant roots in their local communities, other value seeing the world and contributing in places where the need for instructors is substantially higher.

One of the most common subjects taught abroad is English. With more English speakers globally than any other language, it is no surprise that business, finance and other major economic and cultural areas revolve around knowledge of the English language. This means there is high demand for English instructors abroad.

If you are considering a career in teaching English abroad, there are many countries where your services are needed. Today, we’ll look at 5 great locations where teaching English abroad is not only needed but rewarding.

Table of Contents

  • 1 China
  • 2 United Kingdom
  • 3 Mexico
  • 4 Vietnam
  • 5 South Korea


If you’re seeking job security when teaching English abroad and want to have the largest number of opportunities available, then you’d be a fool to not look at China. With more students – and people – than any other country on the planet, the demand for English instruction is larger than ever.

Here, you’ll be able to find opportunities in both rural and urban areas, all of which can be financially lucrative. In many teaching roles, free housing and transportation are often provided. In fact, most teachers report being able to save several hundred pounds per month from their salaries.

United Kingdom

For those wanting to teach English abroad in an English-speaking market, there is arguably no better place than the United Kingdom. With salaries that rival any industrialised nation, plenty of unique benefits and the familiarity of teaching in a country where your native language is spoken, it’s hard to deny the appeal – even if it might not be the most exotic cultural experience on this list.

Take a look at this teaching job in Kent, United Kingdom, for instance. With developed infrastructure, high pay and the relative comforts of being close to home, many English abroad teachers are heading to the UK to further their careers.


With such high demand for English instruction abroad, many people are discovering that they do not have to fly halfway around the world for teaching opportunities. Particularly true for Americans, Mexico is experiencing a massive growth in demand for English instruction, in large part due to its proximity to the United States.

Here, teachers will enjoy a low cost of living coupled with shorter school hours and acceptable pay. Mexico is also rich in culture, entertainment and night-life, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore in the cities during your free time.


A rapidly-growing nation with close to 100 million people, Vietnam is experiencing a surge in English instruction needs. Here, you’ll have access to one of the fastest growing job markets in Asia and can save hundreds of pounds each month when balancing the cost of living against a teacher’s salary.

The nation has changed considerably in recent decades, meaning that prospective teachers shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about pursuing an English abroad career here.

South Korea

By far one of the more advanced countries on this list, South Korea continues to pursue aggressive English education – and is in need of many English instructors. The excellent pay here means that you can save just as much per month as you would in China or Vietnam while enjoying a truly high standard of living in the nation’s capital. Additionally, free airfare and housing are commonly offered perks.

These five countries are among the best locales in the world in which to teach English. Each offers its own set of perks and experiences, but all make great choices for those seeking to broaden their horizons in the world of education.

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