5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Hawaii!

Hawaii is an archipelago of volcanic origin on the Pacific Ocean that over the years has become one of the most beautiful places in the world to vacation in the middle of incredible beaches, mountains, cliffs, lush vegetation and a culture that seduces from the first moment.

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The various possible activities in each of the islands that make up the “State of Aloha” make themselves. whose charm and fun have practically no limits. Here we present five things that cannot be left on the island in terms of Gastronomy, Fun, Sun and Beach, Eco-Adventure and Sports and Entertainment.

  1. Exótica” is a word that defines quite well the culinary variety of Hawaii, although “exquisite” qualifies it even better. Pork cooked underground for several hours, cubes of marinated and spicy tuna and, of course, the famous Poi, traditional food made with roots, are some of the foods that you cannot miss during your stay in recommended places in Honolulu, capital of the archipelago, or in other localities of the islands.
  1. Fun- Almost always linked to the first point, one of the items that must be fulfilled in our list of activities in Hawaii is to attend a Luau show and enjoy the Hawaiian dance show to the son of the ukulele before joining one same to the party, as seen in the movies. Once there, it is advisable to try some of the tropical drinks that are made on the island based on pineapple, papaya, mango or strawberry, which have a unique flavor when growing these fruits in volcanic soil.
  1. Sun and Beach.- The beaches of Hawaii are so many and varied for all types of public, yes, they are all lush and beautiful, with crystalline waters of deep blue and white, black or red sands. Lanikai, which means “divine sea”, is one of the best beaches of the destination for swimming or sunbathing for hours, located on the island of Oahu.
  1. If you have enough time it is highly recommended to do at least two or three trips to visit the natural wonders of the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai’s Waimea canyon, Kipahulu’s natural pools or the famous Kilauea volcano, and Raibown Falls in Hawaii (La Gran Isla) are among the must-see places.
  1. Sports and entertainment.-Those who prefer water sports can also practice with snorkeling, kayaking or canoeing. As for surfing, the most popular sport on the island, professionals can take on Oahu’s famous “Pipeline” wave, while beginners can practice on Waikiki Beach.

Another excellent option is to take a cruise to tour the islands with the striking sunset background. In Kaanapali (Maui), one can board the Teralani catamaran directly from the beach.

The best way to get there is by plane from the west coast of the United States. There are flights every day from (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, etc.) and there are some cruise options. The airlines that fly the most to the islands are Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and American Airlines.

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