5 steps to helping an elderly relative with their yearly spring clean

Spring has at last sprung, and for most households, it is the best season to de-clutter and to make a fresh start: spring cleaning.

It is the perfect time for anyone excited about re-designing their home or just making some general changes to swap out their winter wardrobe and get rid of boxes from the house, attic, and garage.

One thing, however, is tidying your home can take much time and hard work, which for the elderly, especially those with mobility issues that require stairlifts, spring cleaning can be unmanageable.

It is essential that your older adults’ home is clean, secure and that you get rid or neatly package their excess clutter. Therefore, be sure to offer your time to some of the elderly and help them in this exciting time. With that, here are some excellent tips from experts for older people to help them spring clean their home.

Be Your Grandparents’ Hero by Helping Them with Their Spring Cleaning with These Five Manageable and Effective e Steps

Are you looking forward to this year’s spring cleaning? If you are, why not head out to the countryside or your hometown and assist your lovely grandma with her spring cleaning fiesta? Here are a few tips on how to help her accomplish this:

#01.Have A To-Do List

When you get to a certain age, some things are quite difficult to undertake. So, if you notice your older adult friends or relatives are having issues with tidying up their place, or they require a deep clean, make sure that you first take stock of what needs your attention urgently.

If it has been a while since you visited your old folks, you might not be particular about the areas that need your attention. Thus, ensure that you create a list of places that require regular cleaning, ranking spaces from the most frequently visited to least often used. You might have to start with the kitchen, then to the living room, bathroom and lastly the bedroom.

#02. Make Sure You De-clutter Before Embarking on the Cleaning

Around 50% of homes today require major ‘de-cluttering sessions; and especially your elderly relative’s homes. Most older adults keep stuff they do not require as ‘memorabilia,’ but in the real sense some of these items are junk, and they can be hazardous to them, both physically and mentally.

Clutter can also make your cleaning expedition quite tricky. Those old and rusty papers on a desk prevent natural dusting that collection of figurines on an end table near the couch can make dusting, wiping and moving the table a headache.

You, however, need to remember that you do not have to make them get rid of everything. You only need to help your elders part with the items that have no particular emotional value or serve a purpose. Doing so makes cleaning and maintaining tidiness easier over time.

#03. Set Aside A Full Day of Cleaning and If You Are Feeling Philanthropic, Bring Along A Vacuum Cleaner and Air Purifier

Cleaning the house can be a whole day’s work especially when it involves your older adults with mobility issues or low energy levels. Therefore, you need to consider the fact that you may have to move a couch that they have not lifted in years to sweep or vacuum.

In these sorts of situations, you need to pay close and particular attention to areas that are more likely to collect dust or mold. If they have pets, dust and pet hair can exacerbate allergies and asthma, and mold-spores can also trigger severe respiratory issues, thus causing itchy throat and eyes or even skin irritation.

Doing this work can take some time but having the vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction system makes tasks more manageable. It may, however, take up a full day of cleaning more so when dealing with mold accumulations.

For allergies or dust issues, you can gift them with a good air purifier that will make these problems minimal in time.

#04.Task Your Loved Ones with Low-Energy Assignments

Elders with mobility issues will not be able to carry heavy bags of trash to the garbage can. They might, however, help you with the cleaning.

You also need to ensure that you involve them in these tasks since it will make them feel useful and less of a burden to you. It also enables them to retain a sense of control over their space.

#05. Make It Exciting and Work As A Group

If you are a primary caregiver, you might already be doing a lot by yourself.  Therefore, when you decide to have a cleaning extravaganza, ensure that you enlist the help of other family members.

It will help you work faster, and it can even be a social event for the older relative in your life. You can also have some drinks and barbeque to celebrate afterward.


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