5 Tips To Save On Online Travel Booking

 Travelling is a blessing in disguise. Everyone desires to travel to far-flung places with their friends and family to have the quality time of their life. But then what is the main hurdle which is stopping you to do so? Is it the stringent budget which makes you think twice before leaving for that most awaited trip of yours.

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Well here are some of the tips to save on your trip for a more fruitful and relaxing getaway along going parallel on the path of minimum expenditure on your trip and bundling up all that extra cash for some more exciting trips to come in the way. There are various leading coupon websites in India offering discounts on your travel booking. So chin up my friends and let some fun begin!


5 Tips To Save On Online Travel Booking


  1. Go At Offbeat Times

Travelling to places in their offseason is the best way to save money. The accommodation is very cheap with the flights operating there. You can also opt for going on weekdays instead of going on weekends to avoid unnecessary crowd and chaos.

  1. Fly To Alternative Airports

There are generally 2 or more airports in the place where you are planning to travel. Book a flight to the one which has a minimum number of check-ins and also near to your residing location. This will help you reduce on your flight bookings heavily. Like if you are planning to go to London, besides landing on Heathrow airport, land at Gatwick airport.


5 Tips To Save On Online Travel Booking


  1. Hunt Down Some Good Deals For Home Swaps

This is the main thing which would help you save immensely on your hotel bookings. Although home swaps are not much in trend, this thing helps you stay at one destination for a longer time.

  1. Go In Without A Decision

Pre-decided plans to your travelling destination may not be sometimes great. There are times you might find a place where you have never thought of going at such affordable prices. Without a prior decision makes it a more easy task to pinpoint a place without any budget issues and worrying a lot about it.


5 Tips To Save On Online Travel Booking


  1. Live Like A Local

Try to adapt the lifestyle of the people of the native land. Instead of going into fancy restaurants and roaming like kings and queens prefer to eat from street stalls and walk your way through paths and lanes for a more splendid experience. It is sometimes said that the best food in a place is found on streets instead of on behind big walls. So live a life of a different person and do all that crazy stuff you always thought.


5 Tips To Save On Online Travel Booking


Read enough tips for a low- budget travel trip, it’s the time to make a booking online and pack away to diverse places where the things are poles apart.

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2 Responses

  1. Hello,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    Indeed every one loves to travel, to make memories so that they can cheeris them later on. But sometimes the cost and all the
    other facilities due stand up as a hurdle so that people has to postponed the trip and they seem like they would be traveling
    when they have enough money so that, when they hit that palce nothing is left behind.

    Visitng a palce during off season times is one of the great way to cut of the expenses. Like there are many listed destination, where
    traveling in this time, when christmas and new year is on the head, it can be very costly. The hotel, transport eveyr thing
    could double their charges.

    The idea of flying to alternate airports is one of the best thing one can do, it can surely cut of check in charges and
    would be a gerat thing to add up.

    This happens with me a lot, pre planned trip seems to be cancel always, if one had plan to go for a trip in december, and
    the plans have been made in the middle of the year, suddenly some one backs up. Thus the whole tour get spoiled.

    Thanks for the share.


  2. Ramya says:

    Loved your post. Indeed coupon sites are a great way to find discount on travel bookings in India.

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