5 ways raw vegan retreat will change life

The thing we often hear from surprised guests at San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center is how delicious they find our vegan food. Many of our guests are not vegan, or even vegetarian, but once they taste the food we lovingly prepare in our kitchen each day, they’re more open to the idea of sustainable eating practices.

Vegan food isn’t for rabbits (though they love it as much as we do!). It doesn’t leave you hungry. It’s full of nutrients, packed with flavor, and filled with energy to get you through your day. And raw food puts the good stuff that cooking food can leach out back into your body.

Raw Vegan Retreat California

Here are a few reasons why your next vacation should be a raw vegan retreat.

  1. Table of Contents

    • 1 You’ll Give Your Body a Break
    • 2 Raw Food Helps With a Variety of Health Issues
    • 3 You’ll Love the Kitchen Again
    • 4 It Can Help You Lose Weight
    • 5 You’ll Change Your Outlook on How to Live

    You’ll Give Your Body a Break

Whether you’re addicted to fast food or get your daily fix of meat, your body could use a retreat from its normal patterns, just like your mind needs a break. Getting out of your normal eating habits, even for just a few days, can be enough to reset the body and restore your health.

We don’t spend much time thinking about how we treat our bodies, but everything we consume either makes them happier and healthier or weaker and more prone to illness. This is the only body you’ve got, so make sure you’re treating it well.

  1. Raw Food Helps With a Variety of Health Issues

While everyone can benefit from eating raw food, those with certain health concerns may reap even more benefits. Raw food diets have been known to help people with:

  • Cancer
  • Headaches
  • PMS
  • High cholesterol
  • Joint pain
  • Food allergies
  • Much more

Raw foods protect the vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that our bodies need to regulate functions. Many illnesses need more of these components to right the body back to full health, and raw cuisine helps with that.

  1. You’ll Love the Kitchen Again

If you’re one of those people who hates cooking, you might be surprised at how enjoyable it is to be in our kitchen, sprouting grains or chopping vegetables. We have a great time as a community, and the kitchen spreads that love. Many guests take our recipes home with them and end up preparing the delicious raw vegan food they had at our retreat. (By the way, check out our Facebook page every Friday for a yummy raw vegan recipe to try at home.)

Being involved in the preparation of what you consume is important. You control what goes into your meal, and that’s powerful.

  1. It Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’ve struggled to find a sustainable way to lose weight, attending a raw vegan retreat may open the door to the solution for you. A raw food diet can aid in weight loss because vegetables are low-calorie and contain a lot of fiber that will fill you up and prevent overeating.

Both vegan and raw food can help you maintain high energy levels all day, which can keep you from reaching for carby snacks when energy dips in the afternoon. Once you try our fresh juices, you’ll never look at a soda again!

  1. You’ll Change Your Outlook on How to Live

Our aim at the San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center is to introduce people to healthier and more holistic ways to live, even if they don’t plan to go home and do yoga every day and become vegan. Once you attend one of our healing raw vegan retreats, the wheels will start churning, and you will find small ways to implement what you’ve learned and experienced at our retreat center near Julian, California.

You might go home and sprout your own sunflower seeds to add to salads and other dishes. You might add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. You might decide to eat vegetarian one day a week. These may seem like small changes, but it’s modifications like this that can change the world.

Expand your world by attending one of our upcoming raw vegan retreats in Southern California. You’ll be glad you did.

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