6 Reasons Why Invisalign is Better than Metal Braces

Invisalign technology is fast-becoming the go-to teeth-straightening option as most people tend to prefer it over the traditional metal braces. Just as the name suggests, the treatment option comes with invisible aligners to shield you from the seemingly embarrassing thought of everyone knowing that you’re in the process of teeth straightening.

Invisalign versus Traditional Braces

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  • Why Invisalign is Better than Metal Braces
      • 1. Easy to Clean
      • 2. Zero Chances of Teeth Damage
      • 3. More Comfort
      • 4. Less Dental Visits
      • 5. No Dietary Restrictions
      • 6. Saves Time
    • The Takeaway

Though both treatment methods serve a similar purpose of teeth-straightening, braces exhibit the longest history—with its invention and early use dating as far as the ancient times. This is contrary to the now popular Invisalign—which was first used by patients in the year 2000.


The Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and can be easily customized to fit over your teeth snugly.

·      How the Treatment Works

This treatment option relies on BPA-free clear plastic aligners, which you wear over your teeth to help move them into place. The aligners are designed to do the teeth shifting and rotation using the minimal amount of force at the right time and at the right location.

As always, setting up an appointment with your dentist is the first step to determine whether the Invisalign treatment suits you. The process is guided by the use of X-rays, pictures, and impressions—which help to create a 3-D image of your teeth.

This then enables your doctor to configure the right aligner trays for you.

Note that the aligners are removable and require replacement after every two weeks to allow the gradual move of your teeth into the desired position.

Traditional Braces

Metal braces are traditionally made of metal brackets which are glued to your teeth and held together by tiny rubber bands, and, of course, some wire to help keep your teeth in position. Unlike in the past, the braces now come in different color bands that make them a little discrete when you wear them.

In fact, kids love it when they can express themselves through the colored bands.

·      How the Treatment Works

The traditional braces work by applying pressure in order to realign your teeth. This is courtesy of the brackets, spacers, arch wire, ligatures, elastics, and the orthodontic bands—which are the standard components of braces.

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Why Invisalign is Better than Metal Braces

Invisalign versus traditional braces is often a tough-to-make decision for most patients but thanks to the new technology that has now made it possible to ascertain the right form of treatment for every patient.

While the above two treatment methods can help straighten teeth, there are certain unique benefits associated with the use of Invisalign—which then makes it the most popular choice among patients.

These include:

1. Easy to Clean

Traditional braces are irremovable; implying more effort with regard to brushing, since you have to brush the wires and brackets regularly while brushing your teeth. Poor brushing can naturally lead to decreased oral hygiene due to inadequate teeth cleaning.

However, Invisalign (which is removable) enables you to clean your teeth and trays with less hassle as it provides you the ability to rinse out the trays in lukewarm water for a cleaner and fresher mouth.

2. Zero Chances of Teeth Damage

It’s almost impossible to maintain your dental hygiene with the traditional braces considering their irremovable nature that can easily lead to teeth demineralization and sometimes tooth decay.

Most specialists also find it difficult to ascertain the actual health status of a patient’s teeth when they have the braces on.

But since Invisalign allows for the trays’ removal, it makes it really easy to keep track of your dental health as the dentist can capture clear X-rays of your teeth and catch any early signs of cavities.

3. More Comfort

As opposed to the traditional braces (which are made of metals), Invisalign aligners are made of soft plastic trays to provide more comfort to your teeth.

Invisalign versus traditional braces offer more comfortable operating pressure. Invisalign utilizes plastic trays to move your teeth into place gradually—a process that requires minimal pressure hence little to zero pain.

On the other hand, the traditional wire braces tend to be more painful in the manner in which the teeth straightening process is done considering that braces require lots of pressure to shift your teeth into place. Sometimes the pressure may cause the wire braces to snag thus poking your lips, tissues, and cheeks—which in turn worsens the pain.

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4. Less Dental Visits

Using traditional braces implies frequent visits to your dentist (often after every six weeks) to have the braces adjusted and tightened.

However, Invisalign comes with an array of trays to enable you to do the replacement (by yourself) after every two weeks, so you don’t have to frequent your dentist’s office. Of course, you’ll only need to make some occasional visits to ensure that everything is okay.

5. No Dietary Restrictions

Food and diet restriction is the most frustrating part of the traditional braces. As a patient, you’re forced to give up some of your favorite foods just because they may damage the braces or to the extreme, injure your mouth.

But with Invisalign, all you must do is take out the plastic trays while eating to ensure they remain in good shape. This means that you can continue indulging in your favorite foods as you get your teeth straightened.

6. Saves Time

Invisalign treatment takes shorter time compared to the traditional metal braces which take an average of 36 months. In fact, studies have shown that Invisalign is eighteen times faster than the metal braces under normal circumstances.

The Takeaway

All the above benefits of Invisalign ensure a faster and stress-free teeth-straightening process that guarantees healthy and robust teeth at the end of treatment.

Want that bright smile? Then consider asking your dentist for the Invisalign treatment option today.

Author Bio: Dr. Holly Gregory is a dentist in Humble, Texas. Her practice, Houston Dental Implants Family Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and Periodontics provides care to patients of all ages.

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