7 Amazing Web Design Trends for 2019

We believe more in what we see. We love to get surprised by the new trends in design and used to search for what’s coming next. The directions in which these design trends are moving are extremely inspiring. New fonts, background styles and many more new things excite us.

Let’s have a look at the various web design trends that are predicted to be accepted in upcoming year:

The Big Picture

The cool and high quality images are the main attraction of any website. Well, it all started in 2014 but back then it was not so easy task for the designers to get the images of great quality but now time has changed. All thanks to the huge photo communities that avail us with the great images with high quality for free.

With such an ease to access pictures this trend will grow even in 2016.

Background video

Few times it happens that we gets surprised by the visuals of any website spend hours exploring it and also suggest our friends to have a look at that. Background videos are the new craze in web design. Big or small, videos always excite the visitors.

The boost in the internet speed in the past years makes the high definition videos to load faster and the perfect background video elevates the perceived quality of the website. We can expect to continue this trend in upcoming year also.

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The availability of the free fonts is continue to expand and making it tough for designer to choose the correct font. Better visuals and unique can make any web design stand out. The most crucial thing about any font is the it must be readable. There will be no use to buy expensive fonts if that is not readable.

Less complex design

What if you open a site and find huge crowd of post, images links, videos and makes you confused about what to open and what to not. You will definitely exit from there. Everyone wants a clear and less complicated design. Ensuring that the site layout is optimized and is well organized for easy navigation using drop-down menus for sub-categories.

Flat designs has been the part of designing from last few years and will continue to be but with bit different and new ideas.


Instead of merely adding images every-time, it is cool to add cinemagraphs and GIFs. They are the beautiful and more attractive combination of images and videos. They do add the fun element to anything.

Better responsive designs and mobile apps

Researches show that most of the users spent browsing the internet through mobile. It will be worst thing to have a website that not responsive. Also, it is found that time spent on apps is 86% which is only 14% for that of browser.

Let’s take an example of Facebook. Since the Facebook app has arrived most of us prefer to use through its app instead of opening it in browser. Same is the case of many other sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc.


Not only the visuals but the content is also crucial in making a website stand out. The unique and high quality content is the thing that can make the visuals like images and videos come alive. It is the rich content experience that includes full background video, content rich article with pictures integrated into story.

We are really excited to know and explore the new design ideas coming in 2016. It is always good to know new things and implement them. This beautiful post is contributed by professional Fun, Food, Fashion and Fitness Blogger  Jaskaran Kaur. Thanks a lot Jaskaran and hope for your future contributions to our website.

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