A Visit to Rewalsar, Mandi Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh from always is known for its scenic beauty and mesmerizing landscapes. Over the due curse of this article, we are going to prove it again. The place we will discuss here is sort of hidden gem in the entire crown. You must have heard of famous places like Shimla, Kullu-Manali, Dharamshala etc, but there are few hidden places which are none less than these giants in each possible manner. We are going to talk about Rewalsar which is situated in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. We understand you might have heard this name for the very first time but don’t worry you don’t need a passport or other government document to visit this heaven. It is approx. 550 km far from National Capital Delhi.

How we reached Rewalsar?

It was an overnight journey from Delhi to Mandi (you can get into any Delhi-Kullu bus, Mandi lies in between the stretch). From Mandi, we got into a local cab which took around 1 hour to drop us to this scenic place. Below are few mesmerizing captures that we experienced in this small journey of 25-28 km.

How beautiful this all is looking, isn’t it? Rewalsar is all surrounded with panoramic views that will keep you involved all the time. As soon as you reach Rewalsar you will be amazed to see its mixed religion culture. You will find a lot of monks-Tibetans, Locals and few Punjabi’s there. At first, we were amazed to see it but later we got the reason for same.

Rewalsar is a sacred place for Hindu’s, Buddhism and Sikh’s. As per mythological stories, Lomus Rishi meditated here for Lord Shiva and Paravati. Pandva’s have also spent a good time here. You can view their creation in form of 7 lakes that are assumed to have different colored water throughout the year.

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Guru Govind Singh (10th Sikh Guru) also visited this place. In order to commemorate the visit, King Joginder Sen built a Gurudwara there. We found that the same Gurudwara was referred a lot in Bollywood movie Karib (a good portion of the movie was shot across Rewalsar).

It is also related with Padmasambhava who is assumed as second Buddha. As per mythological stories, he was burnt alive by King Arashadhar.  Pyre kept burning for a complete week after which a lake appeared there.

Check out beautiful Rewalsar lake picture:

Rewalsar Lake

This lake is surrounded by lots of bushes which are apparently believed to be the form of Devtas as per Hindu mythology.  In local language, they are known as Beda and according to them these bushes can be seen revolving around the river very often (we haven’t seen though, our bad luck).

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If you love trekking then you are going to have a busy schedule here. Rewalsar have many places to trek around. Because of a tight schedule, we didn’t get much time to discover that many places but we tried our best to cover what all was possible. Have a look at this little fountain that is approx. 3 KM far from Rewalsar town.

The Freshness of water has amazed us to next level (it tastes amazing ? ). Whenever you visit Rewalsar please don’t miss the chance to visit 7 sacred lakes (lakes with different colors) which were built by Pandvas (unfortunately we missed the chance to visit them).

Have a visit and thank us later ?

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