Everything you need to know about Botox!

Botox is a drug which is derived from microbe called botulinum. The bacteria from which Botox is derived have property to paralyze the body and this property makes Botox excellent substance to use in cosmetic as well as in medical field. Botox in medical field is used to treat muscle movement disorders, chronic migraine pain, excessive sweating, to control bladder function, blinking tic, etc. In cosmetic field it is used to look younger and beautiful.

How is Botox Works?

Now that you know what is botox, you should also know how it works! Well, the drug is injected into the specific area of a body, where it blocks the nerve endings of nervous system so that they could not transmit any signal to brain. If brain does not receive any signal then, it well not command any work to that area, this is how a targeted area muscle get paralyze. As the muscle get paralyze it will no longer contract and get relax and a person get relief from his problem.

Uses of Botox:

It uses to treat chronic Migraine pain:

Migraine is severe headache that may put a person in faint stage too, after taking many treatments and medicines still people are not able to get rid of it. In such case Botox is the best option to treat it effectively. During this treatment Botox is inject in head and neck of patient which will block the signals from brain to muscle and patient get relief from pain in very less time.

It Uses To Treat Overactive Bladder:

Overactive bladder means a person has to go to bathroom frequently which can be very embarrassing for him. In this condition bladder nerve signals tell brain that bladder need to empty and brain send signal back to bladder to act  which causes leak of bladder. But this bio medical condition can be treated well with Botox. As it will stop bladder nerve to send signal to brain and hence brain will not send any message to bladder. So no more need to go to bathroom frequently.

It uses to treat Excessive sweating:

When Botox is injected in the layer of skin where more hair follicles are present, it attaches to nerve endings of cell. After attach to nerve endings it interrupts the signal from nervous system to brain which is responsible to activate sweat glands. Therefore sweat glands will not get activated and no more sweat will come out of the specific body part.

It uses In Cosmetic Surgery to kook youthful:

It is used to look younger and beautiful; it is proven anti ageing drug. It eliminates the face wrinkles, it uses to lift up the eyes, it also gives best shape to lips by lift them up, and it uses to treat or eliminate acne. When it injected in affected area of face it weakens the muscles and therefore muscles will not contract anymore and there will be no wrinkles on face.

It Uses To Treat tics:

Botox is use to treat blinking tics, shoulder and neck tic and abdominal tic. Tics in body are causes due to contraction of muscles, by stopping this contraction tic related problem can be cured. Botox is the one which did exactly same ,it blocks signal from brain to muscles and paralyze the muscles by which they will not contract anymore and hence there will be no blinking tic or any other tic in body.

There are many other uses of Botox too such as to treat eye twitching, eye spasms, foot pain, etc.

So, now you know everything about botox, its your call, whether you want to get it or not. no matter what decision you make, just make what suits your skin and do consult your doctor before taking it.