Important Things You Need to Know About Paint Sprayer

Planning to paint your bedroom? The fence? Or any furniture? And more? If yes, you will definitely need a paint sprayer. Of course, you want the job to be done a lot faster and easier, right? So, having a paint sprayer will let you achieve such goal plus you will save money too. All you need to do is to find the best one sold in the market today.


Types of a Paint Sprayer

Now that you plan to buy a paint sprayer, it is best to learn its different types first. It is essential to pick the one that suitable for the job you will be doing. And also, consider the kind of paint that you are going to use.

The three primary types of paint sprayers are the following:

Airless Paint Sprayers

This kind of sprayer works through pumping a paint out at high pressure, and this will cause the paint to fan out within a series of droplets. So, the result is an even coat of paint. It works best for residential outdoor DIY projects such as fencing, deck or shutters, interior painting, and for ceilings too. And consider thicker paints for this type too.

HVLP Paint Sprayers

This High Volume Low-Pressure paint sprayer would use a steady volume of air allowing the paint droplets to stick onto the surfaces. Its low pressure will create less mess as well as waste for the interior projects. This type works only for thinner paints. However, there are commercial or industrial versions that would give you varnish or lacquer options.

Compressed Air Paint Sprayers

And this type utilizes compressed air to force the paint out into a smooth and even finish. It’s also foolproof when it comes to operation, making this a great pick for DIY beginners. Furniture and cabinets benefit most from this type, but other limited applications benefit too. On the other hand, this sprayer uses a lot of paint, and it’s typically cheaper requiring an air compressor to function.

Features of a Paint Sprayer

Probably, aside from knowing the types of a paint sprayer, learning some of the features that you should be looking for is as well of equal importance. These features are as follow:

  • Adjustable Models. With this feature, the paint could be dispensed at different thickness, speeds or even various spray patterns.
  • Portable. It would be a lot more convenient if sprayers are handy especially for large projects. You might choose from either wheeled or backpack.
  • Quick Cleanup. It could be time-consuming to take apart and flush out a paint sprayer so look for those models which attach to the garden hose intended for easy and fast cleanup.
  • Powered By. Take note that paint sprayers could be powered in several different ways such as electric, cordless and gas.

Of course, other features should be taken into consideration too which might be explained on It could be helpful to be well-aware of how your paint sprayer works through its features.

Indeed, knowing those critical things about a certain product is a crucial step to consider before proceeding to spend money out of your pocket!

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