amazon web cloud servers crashed biggest websites down

This is a big trouble in the internet world. It seems Amazon AWS Cloud servers are crashed and on repairs and due to this many of the internets biggest websites are down for repair.

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  • 1 Amazon Cloud Server Crashed
  • 2 Many Big Websites are Down as Amazon Server Crashes
  • 3 Alexa and Canva is Down too
  • 4 Quora is Down

Amazon Cloud Server Crashed

Many of the worlds top and biggest websites are not working as Amazon Cloud Servers are crashed.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is one of the most reliable cloud service providers in the world is shut now and no one knows for how much time.

Many Big Websites are Down as Amazon Server Crashes

This is the biggest mistake of the many of the world’s top websites, like Quora, Trell Imgur and Medium, as well as professional tools like SoundCloud. They are down and have stopped working at the same instance. This is a big Blow to the internet and it has explained that TRUST NO ONE.

Amazon says that the S3 service hasn’t broken but is just experiencing a higher “error rate” than usual. But the problems mean that the websites that rely on its services can’t get online all the same.

Alexa and Canva is Down too

Amazon’s web hosting services are among the most generally used out there, which means that when Amazon’s servers goes down, a lot of things go down with them. That appears to be going on today, with Amazon credit reporting “high error rates” in one region of it is S3 web services, and a number of services going offline because of it.

Quora is Down

Quora is Down -Amazon Server Crashed

Trello, Quora, IFTTT, and Splitwise all appear to be offline, as are websites built with the site-creation service Wix; GroupMe seems to be unable to load assets and Alexa which is the produc of Amazon itself is down too and is struggling to stay online, too. Nest’s app was unable to connect to thermostats and other devices for a period of time as well. This is a big blow to Amazon web service. Amazon AWS is down. seems not working right now. AWS is not reliable anymore.

Big players like  Instagram, Vine, and IMDb are out of Amazon AWS services but small players are still rely on Amazon and this is their biggest mistake I would say.

Amazon is not saying about the AWS Crashed servers so no estimation when all will be fine.
Hope the Crashed Amazon Servers will be fine again and the big websites which are down and not working should be online again.


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