All you need to know about Angel Broking’s Demat Account

A Demat or dematerialised account bears a close resemblance to a savings account, but instead of money, a demat account is used to hold dematerialised or electronic form of securities like equity shares, debentures, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs etc.  A demat account offers a safe alternative to holding physical form of securities, which is a cumbersome and tiring process. A demat account allows you the convenience of engaging in online trading of securities by allowing instant transfer of ownership of the respective security instrument.

If you wish to engage in trading of shares and other tradeable securities, then it is mandatory for you to have a demat account. You can opt to open a demat account with a depository participant, who acts as link between you and the SEBI-registered depositories (NSDL and CDSL). These depository participants could be financial institutions, banks, custodians or broking firms such as Angel Broking, who are authorised to act as an agent of the respective depository.


About Angel Broking

Backed by its excellent services and state of the art infrastructure, Angel Broking has emerged as a leading stock broking firm offering its services as a depository participant (with CDSL) to the investors. Ever since commencing its operations, Angel Broking has been offering a wide range of investment-related services to its clients and helping them maximize their profits through their well-researched investment advice. It is listed with leading stock exchanges of India BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange) along with prominent commodities exchanges, MCX and NCDEX. One of the most popular offering from Angel Broking is undoubtedly its Demat Account services.


Angel Broking Demat Account

Keeping in line with its superior financial services, Angel Broking Demat Account is a feature rich and investor friendly offering, exclusively for the clients of Angel Broking. Its demat account comes with the exclusive feature of ARQ, which is a hyper-intelligent smart investment engine that helps investors earn excellent returns from their investment.


Features of Angel Broking Demat Account

Following are some of the most beneficial features of the Angel Broking Demat Account, that you must know. It will help you understand the various advantages you can reap by opening a demat account with Angel Broking: –


  • Easy Share Transfer: – Angel Broking’s demat account enables you to conveniently transfer your holdings through a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) or Receipt Instruction Slip (RIS). These respective slips are available to you to facilitate the trading of shares.


  • Loan Availability: – You can avail the benefit of taking a high value loan from financial institutions against the value of securities held in your demat account with Angel Broking.


  • Multiple Access Options: – Just like a normal bank account, Angel Broking allows you to access your demat account from the mode of your choice i.e. through computer, tab or smartphone. It offers you complete flexibility to manage your demat account as per your convenience.


  • Quick dematerialisation and dematerialisation of securities: – Angel Broking demat account allows you to issue instructions to convert your physical shares in to electronic form and vice versa. There is no need to run from pillar to post, just a few clicks are required on your part to initiate the process.


  • Freezing options: – If you are going to be not trading for a while, then you can put your demat account with Angel broking into freeze mode. This would safeguard your account against unexpected debits or credits.


Advantages of Angel Broking’s Demat Account

Now that you have got  sneak-peek into the features of Angel Broking Demat Account, you must also know about the various advantages that you can avail with it. Some of the major advantages are: –

  • Enhanced speed of transaction settlement.
  • Access to easy financing option for financial emergencies.
  • Unique ARQ technology backed investment advice.
  • Quick account opening process and instant trading facility.
  • Access to latest news, updates and reports from the market.
  • Enhanced safety features for security of securities.


With such excellent features and incredible advantages at your disposal, it is not really a tough decision for you to open a new Demat Account with Angel Broking and start investing towards a prosperous future.