Apple Driverless Car: Why they are Tight Lipped on their Project?

Apple has been the name behind quality smartphones, laptops TVs, and other electronically developed systems. T made a mark in the way it develops its software and ensures that it presents the best to the public. In fact, Apple has been the leading company in the industry for a very long time, and there are no possibilities of being overtaken by another competitor company. Recently, in an interview, the Apple CEO Tim Cook said that they are working on a project that will become the mother of all the AI projects. The CEO was talking about their newly developing project of making a driverless car.

Apple Driverless Car

Although much is not known about the project, there are signs that the car is under manufacturer and it will bring a new technology to the automobile industry. Here are some of the reasons why it’s believed the company is tightly lipped about this amazing project that is underway.

Software development

A driverless car simply means the car will be driving to various parts without any driver’s assistance. Therefore, they must ensure that they have software that can automate freely and be able to navigate across different roots. Additionally, they must make sure that they have synchronized software for the system to optional sources especially when fighting traffic. Lastly, the software must have specified commands to make sure that your car will only receive commands from you and not every other person around. This kind of software development although it works almost the same as the mobile software, it has to be advanced to ensure your driverless car takes you to your destination using the easiest root and it’s secure.

Protection from competitors

Another primary reason is to ensure they protect their project from competitors. Being the first Porsche car to be released, if they give all the information about the project, other companies with skills in developing Porsche cars can easily steal their idea and release the car before them. Therefore, they must take pride in what they are doing and bring the vehicle first before sharing information about the project with others. However, in last year, there were apple cars spotted on the streets as they take them for test across the streets.

Apple Driverless Car on Street

According to Cook, they are yet to make a firm decision on what they will do with the project for review. Therefore, apple is still trying to find new ideas that will make the project a success and give it a good reception to the public.

Parts development

Unlike other SUVs Performance Porsche parts, a driverless car needs special parts development. This is something that the company will take some time to develop and ensure that it’s the right part. The fact that this is the first time such a car will be manufactured, it will cost them so much. Therefore Apple is not ready to give details on how much it will cost to make the car although they already have a target budget in place.

Just as Tim Cook puts it, this is the mother of all projects. Therefore, you must ensure that you are willing to invest a good amount for you to become part of the dream. However, this plan will make sure that all the technology in the automobile industry is in place to ensure you get all you need from a Porsche car.


Although apple through Tim Cook is not ready to give information on what we should expect, they are working towards ensuring that the car will meet all the requirements to make it the best. Additionally, apple has all the focus on the autonomous systems to ensure that the driverless car is the best with the quality technology features.

Tim Cook with Driverless Car by Apple

The news about the driverless car comes only a few years behind the news from other companies as they are planning on releasing new Porsche cars. This is a big blow to the automobile industry, as it’s believed the car will be Porsche and unexpensive compared to its features and power. Let’s wait and see what they will bring to the market for the first time as the industry is taking a new direction with technology.


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