Are you carrying these 8 cool accessories with you during Travel

Imagining the life without mobiles is just impossible today. You might get very excited while buying the new phone but have you ever wondered that buying few accessories can increase your phone’s value.  While traveling you need cool travel accessories and electronic gadgets for amazing trip. Apart from just communicating with others there are a lot of features that smartphones provide like music, live TV, internet, clicking pictures, storage etc.

Are you carrying these 7 cool accessories with you during Travel

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Now-a-days people love to add value to their smartphones and beautify them by using various accessories. Here is the list of some must have accessories for any  cell-phone owner:

  • Nice Pair of Shoes

You need good  ruuning shoes that you need during the trekking expedition.  See these best running shoes reviews and choose the best one for you.

  • Cell phone Cases and Holsters

If you are frequently on mobiles there are always the chances of damaging the phone either by dropping or rubbing on the tough surface. To protect it from such damage and scratches you must have cell phone cases and holsters made of leather, plastic etc. It not only protects and gives long life to your costly cell-phone but also adds beauty to it.

  • Screen Guard

In this era of touch screen phones there are always chances of getting unwanted scratches and cracks to the phone screen. The screen guard is the best protection for it. This adds extra life to the the mobile phone and prevents smartphone screen repair.

  • Travel Charger

If you are a traveler and spends most of the time in travelling then you must have a travel charger with you. We know that even the expensive phone batteries don’t last for so long and run out of power often. Using this you can charge the mobile anytime while traveling and saves a lot of time too. You must not forget these Travel Apps for an Unforgettable Vacation Trip.

  • Bluetooth Headsets

For the music freaks the Bluetooth headsets are the blessing. Now they no longer have to worry about those tangled wires. There are various features like voice command, call alerts, battery level alerts and compatibility with various devices like mobiles, laptop, tablets etc. are the bonus factors.

  • Signal Boosters

With the areas having the poor network signals it is really crucial to have signal boosters in your bag. They can help to boost up the signals and increases the signal strengths. This is one of my favorite and cool travel accessories.

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  • Data and sync cables

Smart-phones are not only the communicating devices but are also used as storage equipments. We used to store lots of data like photos, videos, documents, PDFs etc. in our mobiles. It’s important to have the data and sync cables so that we can transfer the data to other devices like computers, tablet, hard-disks etc.

  • Wireless Speakers

Struggling with the wires of speakers is out of trend today. If you are a music lover wireless speakers are made for you. The advantage of having this is that you needn’t to stick at one place for enjoying the music. These can be carried anywhere without any difficulty.

  • Portable Projector

Something that almost made and the list would also be a perfect addition to your travels is the PIQO portable HD projector. This compact and intuitive little HD projector certainly packs a punch for it’s size with it’s built in speakers and huge customisable display size for those Netflix sessions whilst you’re away from home!

I am sure you will not forget these  cool cell phone travel accessories while you are traveling. This is Sponsored post by Unlimited Cellular where you can get Best deals on cell phone accessories.

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