Auto Repair Red Flags To Watch Out For In Older Cars

It is a very impressive accomplishment to get 200,000 miles – or even more – use out of a vehicle, but it isn’t impossible.  However, owners need to realize that as their cars near this mark, that many components will start wearing out.


You will start to see red flags or warning signs.  Make sure you pay close attention to them.  If you see any of these signs be sure to have a Houston mobile mechanic check out your car.

  1. Brakes

So what warning signs should you be looking for? A sinking or spongy brake pedal may be a sign that a brake master cylinder is failing.  If you live in an area with snow or that is more humid, be sure that you check for weak spots or ruts on the hard brake lines.

  1. Mechanical Components That Have Reached The End Of Their Lives

What warning signs should you look for?  Even the most durable original parts will wear out.  Don’t try to save a few dollars and get cheap replacement parts.

  1. Noisy Exhaust System


So what warning signs should you be looking for? When your exhaust system is nearing the end of its useful life you will be able to tell because your car will grow increasingly louder.  Any exhaust leaks should be repaired as soon as there are any signs of trouble since they can be very dangerous.

  1. Electrical Components Start Failing

What warning signs should you watch for?  Features like the instrumental panel, windshield wipers and power windows may start to give out.  It can be hard and very frustrating trying to trace them.

  1. Moisture Buildup

What warning signs should you look for?  If it appears that the inside part of your windshield is constantly fogging up or you are losing coolant mysteriously.  Most likely your heater core is beginning to fail.

  1. Outdated Struts and Shocks

What warning signs should you look for?  When you are driving down the road is your car bouncing up and down?  If so, you might need new struts or shocks.  Another early indication of this is uneven tire wear.

  1. Failing Radiator


What warning signs are there?  A failing thermostat or radiator can cause your engine to run too hot and overheat eventually.  If the coolant reservoir has low fluid levels, it may indicate a leak in the hoses, engine, radiator or all three of them.

  1. Oil Leaks And Consumption

What warning signs are there?  In older cars it is common for there to be increased oil consumption, so if your car appears to continue to get thirstier as it ages don’t panic. It may be a sign of a larger leak if you believe you are having to top the oil off too much.

  1. Old Spark Plugs

What warning signs should you look for? If your spark plugs haven’t been changed within 100,000 miles of use, and you are having difficulties starting your car, or the engine is running rough and misfires, then the spark plugs should be replaced.  Having the right service done and purchasing the right the can make a huge difference.

  1. Rust

What warning signs should you look for? It being with paint that appears to be forming bubbles.  After you see some firm around the suspension mounting points, trunk, hood or wheel wells, there can be a serious problem under the surface.

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