Benefits of Ebooks over Books

In the modern era of Technology everything is getting smaller and compact and so is the education and the source from where we get the education. That very source is books. Everything around us is getting into the fist of the hand and everything is becoming electronic. If everything is becoming electronic, then why not books? Yes books! Now books has become electronic and a small memory of your computer device, mobile device and tablet device can be a library where you can store thousands of books. There is a lot of change in the reading habits of people as due to fast moving life they are unable to give time to the books but the concept of Ebooks has given a new turn in the reading world as now people can read anywhere any time when they get free. People can now read on the bus station while waiting for the bus and while sitting in the restaurant. Trend of books has advanced and Ebooks or Electronic Books are becoming more and more popular and Ebooks has numerous benefits over Books and 10 Benefits of Ebooks are listed here.

1. Easy to Carry

Ebooks are easy to carry and needs no such large bags to hold these. Moreover the simple books are so heavy and require a considerable amount of muscle strength to hold them. Ebooks have actually no weight. It just need a display device such as PC, Laptop, mobile phone or Tablet to play on. These devices are not so heavy and their weight ranges from 150 to 300 grams which creates no problem while carrying them. We can easily carry them anywhere where we want to go and enjoy reading book at your desired place.

2. Saves Paper Saves Environment

As we all know that books are made up of paper and paper is made from the pulp of trees. For making the papers a lot and lot of trees are smashed down and by this very practice we are experiences a lot of climatic changes like global warming and pollution issues. You must be thinking that we are mad as we are saying that with paper there will be global warming? But yes not paper is the sole factor for global warming but it adds some percentage to it. If we use Ebooks that percentage that adds to the global warming will cut down to zero. So by using Ebooks we can give our contribution to save environment.

3. Ebooks can be reached globally

When a book is launched, it is launched at one particular place or may be at two or three venues but when an Ebook is launched. It reaches the whole world with just a click of mouse. Ebooks can reach up to larger readers. Internet is the best method to build a larger and unending audience. It can even reach those areas where direct distribution is not easy.

4. Saves a lot of Money

Books that are launched offline are automatically more expensive than the Ebooks due to paper and all the presentations, covers, sales and marketing. On the other hand Ebooks are cheap and easily available on just with a single search query.

5. Easily Available

Ebooks are easily available throughout the web and can easily used and read all over the globe simultaneously. They can be easily shared with a single click of the mouse. You just need to type the name of the book you want to read and he book is before you the next second. Free books are read directly by downloading and for paid books you need to pay via debit or credit card or net banking and then enjoy reading those Ebooks .

6. Audio Visual Display

It is scientifically proved by the scientists that if we see a video over reading the text then we are able to understand the topic more easily as in that process our all senses are at the work. Ebooks provide such an ease to hear and see simultaneously. These days Ebooks are equipped with audio visual packages and it has revolutionized the way of understanding.

7. It saves a lot of time

Ebooks saves a lot of precious time that we can use for some other purpose. For getting Ebooks we do not need to go to the market and stand there and ask for the particular book. We just need to open a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and type here the name of the book. You will get your book here with no time and in the time you were to read one book, you will read two.

8. Sharing with your Friends

Sharing of Ebooks with your friend is as easy as calling your friend. You just need to add the book in the mail box and send it to your friend with whom you wanna share the book. Ebooks is a very good gifting option and you can gift it to your friends on their birthday, new year, anniversaries and other special occasions.

9. Earn a lot with Ebooks

Here is the simple and very apt solution and advice to make money. You can make money through by writing your own Ebooks. If you are a master of in one or two topics such as in any subject or real life experience then you can publish your own Ebook and publish it and earn from it. You can write on travel, photography, mountaineering, accounting, wordpress, SEO, Computers and also you can also write on politics too.

10. Damage Proof

Yes damage proof, Ebooks are damage proof as they are confined in a very small memory and those memory cards can be kept for years and years but normal books got rotten after few tears and are destroyed with time and with course of environment. Ebooks are really a boon for us.

Ebooks are so beneficial for everyone in this modern era and the one more beautiful advantage of this is that these can be afforded by everyone and everyone can take all these benefit like earning of money, saving from damage, sharing with friends, saving of time, easy availability and cost effectiveness. So enjoy reading Ebooks and save paper.

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