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Next generation Armored Vehicle Technologies

A Look Into the Future: Next-generation Armored Vehicle Technologies

As global instability continues to change the rules of conflict, new challenges for land forces also emerge. Military vehicle manufacturers find themselves hastening their steps toward developing armored vehicles that adapt to the fast-changing landscape of modern warfare. As insurgencies and paramilitary...

The Legal Implications Of Drinking And Driving

The Legal Implications Of Drinking And Driving

Being in control of a motorized vehicle, whether it is a car, motorcycle or recreational vehicle is a major responsibility. Doing so when under the influence of alcohol is a crime taken seriously by the legal authorities. Operating a motor vehicle while...

Bangalore - The Garden City

Bengaluru- The City of Opportunities

Breezy weather, beautiful gardens, multiple lakes, top-notch training centres, state-of-the-art international airport and the ever-growing IT companies that employ hundreds of aspiring and competent IT and non-IT professionals every day- that is Bengaluru in a nutshell. Love it or hate it, but one...