Celebrating the Sweetness all around on this Chocolate Day

While celebrating the several aesthetic days of love, Valentine’s week is all the more exciting as it reaches the third day. After the successful proposals (obviously not appreciating the ones which got rejected) and showering roses, we move towards an otherwise light-hearted day of the week, i.e. the chocolate day. All the sweet gestures and coochy-coo presents are on one hand, but the yummy chocolates keep a special place in our tummies. Its sweetness is what brings water in our mouths and dissolves the essence of togetherness in all the relationships.

Happy Chocolate Day

When is the chocolate day? When Happy Chocolate Day is Celebrated?

The chocolate day is celebrated all over the world on 98th Feb. Along with the couples, even the singles and the ones with sincere friendship goals also celebrate the chocolate day with equal enthusiasm. The peer groups in the corporate world too have this trend of exchanging chocolates with one another, instilling the charm of this special day amongst the one who are precluded by the partners, maintaining the similar levels of fervor in their life.
Before Chocolate Day there Falls Propose Day on 8 Feb

Chocolate Day

The third day brings us to an another level, where we find a variety of chocolate admirers, even the ones with chocolate obsession accompanied by a box or even huge packings of chocolates. This day is particularly termed as the official day for those chocolate lovers. One could easily find trolls related to the chocolate day on their all the social sites. Even the ones who are not so fond of chocolates, carry a handful of chocolates with them, just in case they find someone special. And get a chance to offer them, who knows what could this chance mean to become in the near future.
Before Propose Day there falls Rose Day on 7th Feb

Happy Chocoate Day

Also, there is a scientific evidence attached to the significance of presenting chocolate on this day. The chocolate constitutes a chemical, anandamide within it, which intensifies the peace hormones and reduces the levels of anxiety and depression in our minds. The stress couples face in their daily lives is due to the result of tensions and petty issues which in due course of time, get collected in their minds and is definitely not innocuous in maintaining a healthy relationship.
10 Feb is Teddy Bear Day

Happy Chocolate Days

The psychological and mental tensions have been a part of our lives from past centuries. And to avoid such stress and keep the relationship growing with a healthy and comforting level, one needs a sweetener in their usual lives. And that’s what chocolate does. So the chocolate not only sweetens our salivary glands but also our lives and relationships too..
Love is blind but before that see the Symptoms of Love whether you are really blind or not.
Yayyy..!! Even science supports our desire to have more chocolates. We gotta a reason to be happy about, which otherwise is meant only to accumulate fats in our bodies.

Happy Chocolate Days

The significance of chocolate is now well understood and we are well aware as to why this day abounds to the higher number of chocolates in the girls’ handbags rather than in the boys’ pockets. Anyhow, the motive of including chocolate day in the Valentine’s week is  to spread cheerfulness in our lives. And hope so, everyone does the same..!!

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