College bullying leads to other students dropping out of college, before they complete their studies. However, students can employ different tactics in dealing with bullying. According to essay zoo, students can either ignore the bully, get help from adults or stand up for themselves. In other words, exercise martial arts, a little boxing or hit the gym. In order to understand college bullying, we need first to understand what exactly is college bullying. College bullying is a type of bullying that occurs in a learning institution. It can either be verbal, emotional, sexual or physical. More so, we also have cyber bullying. To put it in other words, this is the use of electronic means to bully a person. It is through messages that are intimidating in nature. This article seeks to analyze the problem of bullying, and the tactics of dealing with college bullying.

Any act of bullying always harms the victim. However, for an act to be considered bullying, it must fulfill some conditions. The act must be aggressive in nature, repeated over and over again and the victim feels distressed. Additionally, the act is always provocative. College bullying is a real problem. Its effects are manifested in both the victim and the bully. The affected students are always in distress, depression, anger and others may even think of committing suicide. This is to say, bullying may deprive the affected students their normal life. To that end, they tend to keep to themselves and lose interest in socializing. The bully may end up having social disorders in future. Hence, may engage in criminal activities. Any student in college suspected of either being bullied or being a bully can be helped. He or she can be helped through relevant information and any corrective centre that provide services that aid the victim to cope with the unfortunate incidents.

College bullying causes unprecedented suffering to thousands of students, not to mention its effect on the academic performance of students. Due to these effects, the students in college or any other learning institution must employ tactics to deal with the bullies. Firstly, ignoring the bully can be a successful way of getting rid of them. However, this method must be executed effectively, since it involves coming eye to eye with bully. Bullies excel by instilling fear in their victims who in-turn get scared any time they see or meet them. Nevertheless, pretending to be strong and that their actions do not matter can be an element of surprise to the bully. Furthermore, they become embarrassed immediately when you don’t react as they expected. This is by showing that their actions have no impact on u in any way. When employing this method, simple words such as “stop” or “I don’t fear you’ and “leave me alone” can be used.

Secondly, standing up for oneself is a method that can be used. This can be done by learning either martial art, karate, boxing and last but not least hitting the gym. One can do these by demonstrating to the bully that he or she cannot be victimized. To put it in another way, demonstrating you are proud and you have the ability to defend oneself if need be. Standing one’s ground makes the bullies afraid. More so, they may be so much embarrassed and even run away. Though, one ought to be careful when using this method. The bullies may get embarrassed and decide to redouble their energy and become more violent.  On the other hand, this method should not be used as a means of answering violence with violence. The karate and martial arts learned should only be used for self defense. In appropriate use of them may get you on the wrong side of the law, and definitely the men in blue uniform will come after you.

Thirdly, one can get help from an adult. Most victims feel ashamed of talking to someone about their sad experience. Being silent works in favor of the bullies, as they never want any adult or a senior person with authority to know.  In contrast, talking to an adult is the right thing to do. Never feel sorry for the bully, and report any bullying incidence to the institution administration or even your parents. This may help you and even the bully themselves. Furthermore, other students who have remained silent may be helped too. Senior figures have the means to handle the bullies effectively. The affected students can be taken for counseling and the bullies may be punished accordingly. Depending on the degree of their actions, they may be taken for counseling or expelled from college.

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Other than the above mentioned tactics, we have other methods that can also be used. Avoiding bullies has proved to be a successful way. Not only do u avoid using routes and streets that bullies use, but also avoid coffee shops and any other gathering areas they tend to go. Nevertheless, this should not be used as a means of missing classes. Furthermore, bullies are unlikely to harass people walking in groups. Hence, try to make friends at college and always make sure there are a few around you. This is commonly referred to as the buddy system. Additionally, starting anti-bullying programs has proved fruitful. Some institutions have put in place a culture that does not entertain bullying. This is by stressing the whole college to be a bully-free zone. This initiative must be supported mainly by the college administration.

In summary, college bullying is a hot issue that needs to be addressed carefully. Its impact is disastrous and some of the victims end up having a miserable life in future. Additionally, some of the affected students have developed brain related disorders due to stress and inner body anger, not to mention injuries caused by physical assault. Relevant programs should be put in place for the causalities of this torture. The program should include effective counseling. Victims that suffered physical injuries should be treated in hospitals. The culprits should also be taken for counseling. However, those who committed serious offences should face the full force of the law.

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