Colossus of Rhodes – Tallest of Seven Ancient Wonders of the World

The history has signified a remarkable role in the seven wonders of the ancient world. The wonderful epic is the description of the sculptures, cultures and the rich heritage of the ancient world. Among all the popular construction Colossus Of Rhodes placed the rank among the seven ancient wonders of the world.

Let know more about this ancient world wonder Colossus of Rhodes:

The magnificent Greek designed sculpture stood about 110 feet tall atop a 50-foot platform. It was a massive statute of a male figure built in 280B.C. The colossus stood proudly at the harbor of Greek. This bronze statute represents the Helios, the sun God of Greece. This is the inspiration for the statue of liberty. This is one of the tallest statues of ancient world. The island of Rhodes was an important economic center of the ancient world. You should not miss to see the history behind the seven wonders of the world.

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The fort’s floor contains an anomalous circle of sandstone sculpted which may have been the statue’s foundation, while curved sculptures of marble incorporated in the structure, too finely cut to have been made for the purpose, may be the rest of the of a marble base that sat upon the sandstone foundation. The harbour-atraddling Colossus was a fanciful sculpture of imagination of the Greek myth that specifies the statue as over land and the sea. The base of the statue made up of white marble and the feet and ankle of the statue was first fixed then the body was made up of bronze. You can very well see the famous amazing works of the artists here.

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The huge monument of Colossus Of Rhodes is the part of seven ancient wonders and the most key attraction of Greece. The statue has been partially ruined after 225B.C after a earthquake, then the architects plant to rebuild new statue five times the size of the original. The statue takes into the account if earthquakes, wind and other natural calamities and build in such a way that would be very appreciable to the magnificent artists of the Greece, who has made this sculpture as new as ever. The structure is well designed and craved very intelligently.

The ancient Greece is famous for the mystical significant of its cultures. The exterior part of the statue is made up with solar panels to power the enormous buildings.

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This monument remains as mystery in the ancient world. Greek culture is full of mysteries and the sculpture which was made by the ancient artists is memorable. The Colossus of Rhodes was designed by Greek sculpture Chares of Lindos. This statue was named as the Greek famous god Helios. During the making of the excellent statue artists would pile mounds of earth on the side of the Colossus. The rich heritage of Greek is widely seen in the statue. The opulent structure has the vast economic value to bring the travelers for its outstanding value. The wonderful statue says the history and very significant for tourists attraction. The huge structure was build by various intelligent artists and won the place of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The sculpture clearly signifies the Greek God and the well carved statue was well know for its outstanding heritage.

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