Content Strategy Guide: How Content Helps In Optimizing Your Website

Web sites are filled with vast content, and the content is beyond infinite. Content matters the most for every field, and in SEO –content is the way to go. Writing any content won’t make your business, nor would it make you rank in the search engines; that’s why content strategy is here to help you. Content is best strategies for best SEO companies in Noida as well as around every part of the world.

Content strategy is the process, where you outline your content, which has its own purpose and identity. Without any purpose or objective, the content is of no use, and it will confuse the audience. Content strategy deals with your target audience, they will become familiar with you, your writing style and the market strategy you are following.

What does it indicate?

Let’s take an example for some technical website, which deals with all kinds of technical blogs and articles. The website will target the specific audience, who are interested in reading technical blogs. Let’s have a look for the kind of approach they’ll need to attract more traffic through their content.

  • Content strategy: The core content of the websites would be blogs, articles, tutorials, interviews, and news, which can be applied to the website. This would be the identity of the website to the readers and serve the main purpose of the blog.
  • Target audience: Learners, Webmasters, Web Developers, Entrepreneurs and people who wish to gain more information about the technology are the target audience. Everyone who is either a beginner or an intermediate with minimal technical knowledge comes under this.
  • Writing style: The writing style should be concise, straight to the point, and easy to comprehend.
  • Marketing Strategy: The content should be promoted on the social media, on other blogs, as a resource in other publisher’s website, and everywhere on the web. The content is promoted on the places where it matters, and the most of it comes through different social media platforms.

How to make the content rank?

This depends on the SEO strategy you follow – which is built from solid content. After the perfect content is constructed, you need to check the SEO friendliness by applying the on-site optimization techniques.

What On Site optimization techniques can be used?

  • Optimize your Title tags for each and every post
  • Make sure that each and every relevant keyword is interlinked with the proper article
  • Fix each and every image to make sure that it has the proper keyword inside

These on-site optimization techniques will help you combine SEO and content, which will yield positive results for your website. You can find many social media optimization company today, who will use social media optimization techniques to improve the performance of SEO for you.

Why Content & SEO is mandatory for online success 

Content construction and SEO marketing always go hand in hand; when it comes to the online success of your brand. Though, many of you won’t realize that there is a silver line between them. Let’s see how content fits in the scheme of SEO. For most of you, ‘content is the king’, but for SEO industry, content is only one part of a search engine optimization strategy.

Content is not just a subset but is also an integral part that involves essentials of SEO. Website’s link building campaign, targeted keywords, and site audit – these things are very important and will not function without content. Let’s know more about them:

Content Ideation and Keywords

Keyword research and targeting is an integral part of SEO. SEO know that best and appropriate content will make the keywords truly successful. The answers provided by the website’s content, along with the queries from the numerous users are satisfied – this will help your website to rank better on Google. Every great content you publish on your site starts with successful keyword research process.

Opt for keywords, which are related to your site and the most being searched by the users. After that, use keyword tools to expand and improve the list. There are 2 simple methods, which you can use as a starting point for your keyword research:

  • Google’s auto-completed and search features: Know what your target audience is searching for, and this is the best way to relate to them. Start by inputting what you think users would search. Google autocompletes every suggestion and you can note down the autocomplete suggestion. After that, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the searches part of the SERPs (search engine results pages). Let’s have a look at an example:
  • Suppose you input the keyword ‘best cake pudding recipe’ in the search bar. After a few seconds, a drop down function will appear and would show you some autocomplete suggestions, which are directly related to the original query, and searched by many users.
  • Scroll down to the bottom page, and note down the several related searches for the query.
  • Use Tools: Users can also opt to use keyword research tools, like – SEMrush, Ferzy, and much more to look at detailed keywords, which you can target.

After you have compiled a list of keywords, you want to target, and then use them in means, which are more than just technical. You can use these keywords in:

  • Social Media: The keywords are used in hashtags as a way of self-promoting your website and its content.
  • Blog post: While searching new topics for your blog posts, try to use the keywords.
  • Assets: You will be targeting more keywords by incorporating dynamic and static assets into your content. This will also provide more enjoyable experience for your potential customers.

Backlink Performance

Google uses links to determine a website’s authority, relevance and also know if it’s trustworthy. It means if you can publish posts that are very linkable for its relevance and quality content, then it will be easy to improve your rankings. Many of you are not acquainted with linkable content. So, an association amongst Moz and Fractl has got four crucial characteristics of an extremely linkable and shareable content:

  • Broad Appeal
  • Comparative
  • Highly Emotional
  • A Trendy Element/ Pop Culture Inclusion

If a content campaign has these essential elements, then with proper promotional strategy – it will be easy to generate a manifold of high-quality links, shares, and mentions. It means that your website will receive a decent amount of signals, which will indicate all your links are natural and not paid. This shows Google that your content is great.

Site Auditing

The best ways in which you can delve into a technical aspect of your website is by doing a complete and comprehensive audit, and through this, you know which of your pages are underperforming. After knowing, which pages are not meeting the standards, then you can opt to use quality and engaging content to revamp those pages. Some ways to update the ages are:

  • Merge the pages, which have duplicate or similar content using 301 redirect
  • Use reminders that’ll allow you to check regularly on the pages and update them whenever you see them fit
  • Create more long-lasting content, so that you don’t have to routinely update some pages
  • Update the links in the content and remove sections, which are better explicated on the pages on the website.

How to Get More Traffic with Content Marketing

Users are always on the hunt to find the valuable content, which can help them to learn from instead of seeing posts with irrelevant information. The main challenge is to combine the valuable content with SEO for a better ranking. For that, start blogging and find success in the field using following tips:

  • Attract More shares online with Longer Posts

Blogs with 500 words are easy to do but are not good anymore. If you want to create an excellent blog post and rank higher on Google, then it is best to write at least 1500-2000 words. This is because the longer posts attract more shares and backlinks, which boost the ranking of your article in the search engines. Most importantly, you will be able to provide more information, and this will attract more viewers, without limiting yourself to just 500 words. To create longer posts, make sure you research well about the topic and it should be of highest quality.

  • Opt for list posts

Apart from writing longer posts, another path to attract more traffic to your website is by writing list posts. They are easy to read and comprehend. By making a list, you are providing your readers a valuable data, which they can expect from your post. In addition, lists are easier to remember, and the readers will easily remember your site.

  • Content quality is greater than SEO

Content marketing and SEO complement each other if you use them properly. There are chances when SEO would compromise with the quality of your content. For example, awkward keywords will not sound meaningful, if you include them in your posts. Instead of using them in the posts as it is, place punctuation marks or prepositions, like – in or on in between the keyword phrases, and change the order of the keywords or do some variations in it to make them meaningful.

Google’s search algorithm is smart to know which keyword you are using. So, don’t worry much about the changes you made to the keywords.

  • Choose a catchy headline

Whenever a post is shared, the headline is the first things that catch the eyes of the people. Therefore, you need to keep it more attractive so that people would tempt to click the post, read it, and share it. For this, you can use the common tricks mentioned below:

  • How to + common issue: How to achieve inner happiness (Even if nothing has worked since some time)
  • Number + Adjective + Keyword + Rationale + capacity: 9 Steps to follow for a relaxing massage therapy
  • How to + Number + Keyword + Potential: How to get your dream Job: 7 techniques to follow to achieve it
  • Generate custom images for your blog

No one is interested in reading a post with full of words and no pictures. No matter, the content is great; it would still be plain and dull without a single picture. If you want to boost traffic in your blog’s traffic, then don’t forget to add images in your post. You can opt for non-copywriting and free images online, and add them to your content to make it look appealing to the viewers. This will boost your number of shares on your posts.

So take pictures from your phone, which are irrelevant to your content. Screenshots are also great if you are doing articles, which are the hot topics these days. You can also hire someone to create custom visuals, which would perfectly illustrate the post. It is pricey, and you may never know would boost your post and use your image for linking as the source.

  • Initiate a professional network

Do you want to take your social skills to the next level? Then consider professional networking. Now, your website has already earned the trust of the readers, and now is the time to earn the trust of fellow content marketers, belonging to the same niche. Interact with them, and know more about how they create innovative contents. Share their relevant contents and give reasons why you like it. They will be pleased to hear your positive remarks.

  • Use quality inbound links

Now you have a number of quality contents. So, your next step is to make sure the link to your content is posted to the authoritative site. This would help in boosting your visibility and search rank on the World Wide Web. So, focus your SEO and content market strategies on high domain authority sites, which are relevant to your niche. Check your links regularly and reduce the low-quality links to improve your ratings on Google page.

  • Infographics and Q&A series

Visuals are also an important part to attract traffic to your content. This is why infographics have become an evident part of the content. Infographics are the visual contents, which help people grasp the certain concept quickly, and it also helps in attracting the backlinks, which means exposure for you. Using graphs and illustrations will help you improve your topic. One can choose to make info graphics on popular topics, as they are more readable, relatable, and familiar with.

Also, promote your infographics to boost your site’s traffic; talk to your influencers and ask them to help you in promoting your infographic with a backlink on your site. Getting traffic or your own blog may look like a challenge, but learning these techniques would make your blog worth it.


Content is an imperative part of SEO and you will get to know numerous strategies SEOs use to get their content among the right audience. You will find numerous affordable SEO packages in India, which would drive more traffic to your blogs or websites and you can see them rank on the first page of Google. However, know how several aspects of content affect your SEO campaigns and will make your strategy more effective than before.

Optimizing your technical aspect of your website is what allows Google to better understand, crawl, and index it, but quality, update, and relevance of content is an important aspect that gives you the top number in the search results. That’s why content and SEO effectively complement each other.

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