What Makes Costa Rica a Popular Holiday Destination for Tourists?

Costa Rica, the Spanish term for ‘Rich Coast,’ is a central American country with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. It is paradise for tourists around the world. Apart from all the reasons that you must have already heard about Costa Rica, all power plugs are the same and you don’t need a travel adaptor there! All you need to do is book your Costa Rica house rentals and pack your sunscreen to embark on a memorable time!

Costa Rica

Read on to know what makes Costa Rica a popular holiday destination for tourists:

Its geographical location

Costa Rica’s tropical climate might be the first reason that draws you to this wonderland. Its central position, approximately 8 and 12 degrees north of the Equator ensures a tropical weather throughout. Apart from the climate, Costa Rica boasts of  one of the highest density of species in the world. While Costa Rica barely covers 0.3% of the earth’s land, it houses 5% of the global biodiversity which makes it heaven for nature lovers!

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There are more than 13,000 plant species, 2,000 kind of moths and 4,500 butterfly species, 163 varieties of amphibians, 220 types of reptiles, 1,600 species of fresh and saltwater fish, and at least 870 types of birds and you will not find a better destination if exploring flora and fauna is one of your key priorities!

Its spectacular beaches will leave you awestruck

Beach Lifestyle

With more than 300 different beaches spread across its two coastlines: Pacific and Caribbean; Costa Rica has an ideal setting for people with different tastes and preferences. The sand varies on beaches in colour and texture ranging from white to brown. While this country is definitely not an island, it is surrounded by Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea which makes it an excellent avenue for snorkeling, swimming and surfing! In fact, Costa Rican beaches are where many international surfing championships are held and enjoyed by many!

There are adventure activities galore that you can do in Costa Rica

For those looking for an adrenaline rush, this country will prove to be a land of dreams. Travelers can choose from a host of activities that draw people of all age groups and preferences. The most popular activities include snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, zip lining and lots more. In fact, the most difficult part would be to choose which adventure activity to go for! So, you could probably fit in a different activity into your itinerary everyday and make the most of all that this country has to offer!

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It Is one of the ‘Happiest Countries In The World’

The government of Costa Rica abolished the existence of the army in 1948 since they found it unnecessary to have one! It is probably because of this reason (amongst others) that the country has peace and freedom as its foundational bricks. The citizens of this nation have an average life expectancy of 79.3 years, which is a great number, especially when one factors in various aspects such as education, social freedoms, drinking water, health system etc. A popular saying amongst the locals here is “Pura Vida” which means “life is good” or more literally, “pure life”; a phrase that further shows how the great weather and stunning landscapes contribute to a happy way of living!

Tourist friendly

Education is free and compulsory in Costa Rica, which has contributed to one of the best literacy rates in the world. The primary source of income for this country is the tourism industry, which incentivises all Tico children to learn English at an early age itself. Hence, most Ticos speak English ranging from basic to fluent levels, especially those who live in high tourist density areas. Many refer to Costa Rica as the “Switzerland” of Central America because of its peaceful outlook and budget allocations in education and culture rather than military.  A stable government which has been elected democratically and maintains its distance from religious conflicts of any kind and low crime rates makes it a safe country for people to visit.

Their food is delicious

Costa Rican Food

Oh! When the food is heavenly, what more reasons do you want to book your tickets to Costa Rica soon? Whether your food preferences are rigid or experimental, you will definitely find something to fill your belly (and, fill it well!) in Costa Rica. Their traditional food consists of rice, beans, chicken, fish, seafood, eggs and tropical fruit, in abundance. If you do not want to experiment with their cuisine a lot, you can opt for  other cuisines as well such as American, Chinese, French, Japanese or German. One dish that you should definitely try during your time in this country is the comida típica, which is basically a bowl of red snapper and shrimp ceviche, which is a healthy and cheap option and is best enjoyed on the beach with a cocktail in the hand! Ah! Pura Vida, indeed!

Diversity of tourist attractions

The abundance of places to visit and things to do in Costa Rica makes it an ideal destination for people irrespective of their age, nationality or preferences. Whether it is a visit to a sanctuary, surfing, visiting a museum or taking a bath in the hot springs; you will be spoilt for choice in Costa Rica and you will enjoy every minute of it! With so much on offer, you can never get bored in this beautiful country. So, go and revel in the country’s rich diversity and make the most of your holiday!

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Costa Rica is a nation that is ecologically conscious and has taken many steps in this regard. One can come really close to nature during their time here, and learn, discover and fall in love with the ecosystems around us. So, head to Costa Rica for a truly enriching and life-changing travel experience!

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