Here is what you should be doing when you are experiencing Lethargy   

Do you often feel extremely exhausted in the morning? After so many hours of sleep, your body should have had enough rest at night. Extreme exhaustion could be a sign of a condition known as lethargy. This can either be a mental or physical condition. It also makes you feel sleepy and sluggish all the time.

Apart from that, lethargy can affect your moods and attention. It may affect your productivity at work due to low energy. The causes of this condition are diverse ranging from underlying illnesses to stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. Today, we focus on helping lethargic victims identify the cause and cope with the condition. Find out how!

 Get additional energy from proper nutrition

Different foods are a source of energy. The stomach absorbs water while food gets absorbed by the small intestines. By taking carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, your body converts the nutrients into glucose. The glucose is then transported into various body cells through the bloodstream where it combines with oxygen to give you energy.

This means that you can increase your energy levels and fight lethargy by taking the right foods. Start by taking heavy breakfast to improve your metabolism. Take carbohydrates for breakfast such as whole grains so that your brain can get enhanced fuel from the glucose its gets from carbohydrates.

Take a lot of fruits and vegetables. This gives you healthy vitamins and minerals to prevent your body from diseases. Stick to dairy products with low fat and whole grains such as cereals. Replace high-fat foods such as red meat with lean meat or fish as you reduce your intake of sugar.

 Avoid crash diets

Some people are misdirected when trying to lose weight. Crash diets can help you lose, but they deprive your body of the necessary nutrients to give you energy. Diets that contain low calories or those that are strict on taking carbohydrates depletes the body of essential components. Therefore, stay away from crash diets.

You should also not skip meals. Though intermittent fasting can help you lose some extra pounds, it interferes with the levels of your blood sugar. Taking meals at specific times and not skipping some allows your body to maintain proper energy levels to fight any signs of lethargy.

Do not overeat

In as much as you stick to taking proper meals, overeating is also dangerous for lethargy. Large portions of meals only drain the energy you have and leave you feeling exhausted and sluggish. Try to spread your intake of calories across small meals all through the day instead of taking large meals. This technique makes you stabilize your blood sugar as well as insulin levels. It also allows you to burn extra fat easier than taking large portions.

Improve your sleeping habits

Lethargy can also come as a result of poor sleeping habits. Ensure that you sleep for at least eight hours every night. Use relaxation techniques to avoid fretting in bed. Visualize a peaceful scene when you have sleeping difficulties. Deep breathing techniques can also help your mind relax for you to sleep.

Stay away from sleeping pills or watching movies at night. Do not take caffeine before bed. This can lead to insomnia and keep you awake for hours. You should also address sleep apnea with a medical professional. This condition prevents your body from receiving sufficient oxygen leading to breathing problems at night. It may cause drowsiness and stress during the daytime.

Be careful with medication

Prescription drug abuse and taking other forms of drugs can also contribute to lethargy. Some of these drugs include antidepressants, painkillers, anxiety pills, and hypertension medicines.  Excessive usage of any drugs whether prescribed by the doctor or not can cause harm to your health. Find help for addiction and consult a doctor if some medications are causing such side effects. They may change the dosage or adjust the medication.

 Remain active

Do not let this condition slow down your movements and activities. By increasing your physical activity, you improve energy levels. Exercises also boost your physical and mental health. They control hypertension, weight and anxiety problems.

Therefore, start with simple practices such as jogging, walking or skipping then visit the gym for some aerobics. Before you know it, you will no longer feel tired all the time since they boost blood circulation in the body and boost energy.

Avoid stress and anxiety

Anxiety and stress can drain your energy and aggravate the condition. Find ways to relax during the day such as engaging in yoga and meditation so that your mind and body recover from high-stress levels. You can also teach yourself how to practice mindfulness.

Laughter is also a strong energy booster that you should practice. Take some time off work to have some fun and do things that make you happy. This helps you relieve any overwhelming feelings that may be causing anxiety or stress.

Increase your fluid intake

Dehydration and fatigue go hand in hand. Low water intake saps your energy and causes symptoms of lethargy. After your training, take enough water glasses for a refreshing effect. Plain water is one of the best fluids that can prevent dehydration without interfering with your sugar levels.

You can also get healthy sports drinks that come with electrolytes which increase your energy to help you train harder. Limit your intake of alcohol since it causes dehydration and affects your energy levels.

Use dietary supplements

Healthy dietary supplements such as creatine are available in the market to help you decrease lethargy and boost your energy. Choose dietary supplements that have been clinically tested to ascertain their effectiveness and safety.

You can also get doctor’s guidance in choosing the right dietary supplement for your body. A doctor can rule out side effects and risks involved in taking certain supplements to recommend the best. Others include black currant, magnesium and fish oil.

Final thoughts

You can control lethargy and boost your energy levels by changing your lifestyle and watching your diet. Start practicing the techniques above and recover fast to get back to your normal life.