Benefits of Developing a Travel Portal Application for Your Business

The travel and tourism landscape is growing at a tremendous pace with a rise in the use of internet and advanced technologies. The travel businesses which earlier used to operate in an offline mode, have turned their attentions and adopted an online mode of business.

If we go by sheer facts, based on the trends of the travel and tourism industry, then we must understand that the tourism sector has gone through a tremendous surge in the last few years and that this trend will definitely continue in 2018.

The travel businesses are naturally keen to develop a strong presence in the travel industry and one of the most popular strategy adopted by them is to develop a travel portal application in 2018. The reason for which your travel business will opt for a Travel Portal Development Company is –  it will fetch them with the ROI for their business.

So, before we come to the benefits offered by the travel portal application, we will move to the most important question that you must ask “What is a travel portal?”.


What is a Travel Portal?

Travel portal is an interactive online booking engine – powerful and comprehensive and it is specifically meant for the online travel agencies (OTAs) – in the travel sector. As the tech savvy travellers are relying on the internet to plan their travel arrangements, they are seeking for the insights that they can gather through the travel portals.

The travel portal acts as a one-stop shop for all the travel needs of their clients. Not only that,  it is beneficial for both the travellers and the travel agents as well. The travel portals have travel APIs that integrate to offer flight booking, hotel booking, tour packages, car rentals, cruises and many more services. Moreover, the travellers have the option to make online payments that save their precious time – as there is no need to travel to the office of the travel agency.

So, the refined services that are offered by your travel website due to the presence of the travel portal software is bound to garner the support of the potential travellers as they have a place to opt for a suitable plan – that caters to their choice.

Now, that we have understood what exactly a travel portal is, we will understand “What are the Benefits offered by a Travel Portal for your Business in 2018?”.

What are the Benefits offered by a Travel Portal for your Business in 2018


The benefits offered by the travel portal of your business are :


The travel portal provides a chance for today’s tech savvy travellers to select flight tickets, make reservations for hotels as well as choose suitable travel packages – all from the same portal.

So, even if the cost incurred for developing a travel portal is huge, it is the ROI that matters. Not only the cost benefits, but the portal enables the travel agents to cater to the needs of a vast target audience – based on quality and cost.

Increased Customer base

The travel portal enables the OTAs to gather actionable insights on the traveller’s preference for travel plans as well as the travel details. So, the OTAs try to retain their clients by offering customized travel solutions based on the above insights. This way it becomes a lot easier to offer the discounts and the loyalty programmes for the frequent travellers. 

24 x 7 Accessibility

The travel portal ensures that there is no need to travel to the office of the travel agencies and wait for long hours to make bookings. Moreover, previously the travel agencies had issues like limited accessibility and working hours – without any solutions.

Today, the travel portals will allow the travellers to save every bit of their precious time as they travel from one corner of the world to another. The travel portals must be able to provide with the fastest response to any issues that may arise.

Brand Recognition

Your business can convert into a brand with the help of a well-established travel portal. The consistency in planning and continuous web support are the two ways through which the travel portals like or have sustained their growth stories, over the last few years.

Excellent customer support, plethora or deals and customized solutions are the three factors that enable to make a brand for the OTA.


We conclude to say, that the development of a travel portal is not difficult, but what matters most is the level of consistency and the quality of the solution offered. Other than this, we can attempt to digitalize the reward programs that are offered by the travel portals – by creating a mobile app. This is definite to yield more clients for your travel business.