Exploring Plaça de Catalunya

Not to be confused with Plaça d’Espanya, Plaça de Catalunya is another of Barcelona’s most beautiful and stunning plazas, located within an easy reach of many Barcelona accommodations. Large, airy, and open, there’s a true metropolitan feel here, and there’s plenty for visitors to see and do in the square.

Old Meets New

Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of Plaça de Catalunya is that it acts as the meeting place of the two different sides of the city: Old Barcelona and New Barcelona. To the south of the plaza, you’ll find the historic district of El Raval, while to the north you’ll find the more modern, 19th century neighbourhood of L’Eixample, which is where many of the more contemporary villas in Barcelona can be found. Ultimately, Plaça de Catalunya is a great place for seeing just how diverse Barcelona really is.

Places in Catalunya

Things to Do

From shopping for souvenirs to admiring some of the best in Catalan art, there’s lots do at the Plaza:

  • Shopping

If you want to bring home some souvenirs from your holiday in Spain, then Plaça de Catalunya’s main shopping centre, El Corte Ingles, is the place to go. This massive department store offers everything from toys and fashion to electronics and home decor from some of the world’s biggest and best brands.

  • Art

As well as a whole host of intricate mosaics, there’s a great deal of jaw dropping Catalan art dotted around the plaza that are well worth seeing. By simply strolling around the square, you’ll find statues by famed Catalan sculptor Josep Clarà i Ayats, and renowned Spanish painter Pablo Emilio Gargallo, too.

  • Atmosphere

Perhaps one of the best things to do at Plaça de Catalunya is simply soak up the atmosphere. This is considered to be the main meeting point in the city; a place for socialising and celebrating. Itc central location means it’s easy to get to, no matter where your Barcelona villa or Barcelona holiday rental is.

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