Facebook Rolls Out Interesting Feature for the Visually Impaired to Enjoy Photos Like the Normal Users


Thanks to Facebook’s fantastic breakthrough, that makes its visually impaired users catch up with the photos of their friends and family members. With their latest invention, photos at Facebook are coming up with an automatic alternative text which allows thee the photos. The latest feature is termed as automatic alternative text is based on the social network’s AI technology and is currently available for the iOS version only.

Facebook Rolls Out Interesting Feature for the Visually Impaired to Enjoy Photos Like the Normal Users

Resorting to the latest feature, Facebook seeks to reach out to the wider audience, which measures more than 280 million visually impaired people across the globe. As per Facebook, Alternative Text allows blind folks enjoy and experience the social network in the same way others do it. Defined by the Facebook engineers, automatic alternative text or automatic alt text is a pretty new concept. It generates the description of a photo with the help of the object recognition technology.

Sources said that for the initial version, the automatic alt text is set in English language and is available for the iOS version. However, Facebook engineers are making relentless efforts in making this functionality available for other platforms and languages, so that it has a global reach.

Utilizing this technological feature, blind users will be able to hear a host of items a photo usually contain as they swipe through the photos of Facebook. Till date, visually impaired people used to hear this via screen readers, which needs to be integrated additionally. However, previously, they could her the name of the person who shared it.

However, the project is very much into experimental phase and according to a part of the Facebook’s talented engineers, this is the latest attempt of Facebook in making the company’s product work together with assistive technology.

Following the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter also adopts a recent initiative that also gives absolute assistance to the blinds to use the social platform at their best. They can now add descriptions and alternative texts and almost anything to the images of the tweets. Visually impaired people can access this feature via an assistive technology, which include Braille displays and screen readers. Once can add descriptions up to 420 characters. These features are available in both the Android and iOS device.

No doubt such an amazing effort to reach out the visually folks surely fosters a community of inclusion. Following the efforts of Facebook and Twitter, Toyota has also announced the Project BLAID, which rolls out a wearable device for the blinds to help them figuring out features like building, shopping malls, escalators, restrooms and so on. This will indeed make their life easier than never before. Now you must read how to hide relationship status on facebook.

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