Frugal Travel, Can it be done?

We would all like to travel the world, but most of us can’t find the time or the money to do it. Seeing that the money is a common denominator for a majority of our troubles, we constantly strive to do as much as we can while spending as little as possible. Yes, traveling can be expensive, especially if you’re not familiar with how you can get around all those extra expenses that pile up quickly. Thankfully, there are plenty of highly experienced globetrotters out there who have found ways to make traveling more affordable and attainable for all those who want to see as much of the world as humanly possible. So, frugal travel, can it be done? Of course, as long as you know little tricks and cheats to help you along the way.

When It Comes to Accommodation

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Lodging is one of the very first things we need to worry about when it comes to traveling, and it’s also one of the things that cost the most, along with transportation. A lot depends on how much you need to be comfortable in order to enjoy your trip, for some it means staying at a 4-star resort, for some the fact they have a roof over their heads is enough. One thing’s for certain – if you want to be frugal when it comes to your travels, think outside of the box – Couchsurfing is the best possible option when it comes to free accommodation, as long as you choose your hosts carefully and remember to leave an honest review afterward. If you don’t feel safe in this kind of arrangement, think about house swapping for a couple of weeks, it’s a great chance to have a whole apartment for yourself in a foreign country without paying a dime.

Another suggestion is to try house sitting, where you get to stay in someone else’s house in the country of your choice, as long as you agree to take care of it and maybe owners’ pets, if they have any. All of these options have been tested thousands of times by thousands of travelers who are in pursuit of frugal travel and it worked brilliantly so all you need is an open mind and some patience to find what you’re looking for.

When It Comes to Transportation

Whether you’re flying, catching a train, a bus or a boat, it’s going to cost you. However, there are tips that you can use that will help you not to pay rigged prices on websites and non-existing taxes that will make you want to give up on getting out of your house. If you’re in need of an airplane ticket, there are some great websites like Skyscanner, but even the most affordable sites still use cookies to remember where you want to travel and show you higher prices for your destination until you cave in and buy the ticket. The simple solution to this problem is to access these websites by using incognito tabs that prevent them from keeping your details.

Another useful option is to use a virtual private network (VPN) to access the sites and get much better prices. A VPN can transport your IP address to any country where it’s got servers, so you can actually get better prices simply by appearing you’re flying from somewhere else. It’s actually handy to install a VPN for your travels as well because it will keep your data encrypted and safe from cyber villains so it would be wise to get to know more about these helpers that travelers use all over the world. If you’re new in the world on VPN, then reading up on it is a good idea, and there are many articles to help you in this endeavor, starting with CyberGhost reviews 2017 and moving on to any review that you believe could tell you more about the kind of VPN you’re looking for.

Careful Where You Spend Your Money

This goes for everything – from buying tickets for public transport to minding where you eat. Of course, restaurants and eateries in the city center are incredibly accessible, but they’re also ridiculously overpriced, not to mention that the food in them is usually not good. If you want to eat well for less money, go local and look for smaller restaurants and bakeries that are much more affordable and the locals use them, you will save a lot of money in the process and try some truly delicious food. Avoid cabs if at all possible and get acquainted with public transport, it’s usually a lot cheaper, especially if you buy daily passes so that you can use any mode of transportation for the entire day. When it comes to airports, do your best not to spend any money there, since the prices can be nothing short than ludicrous. If you need food, buy some snacks before you get to the airport and bring an empty bottle that you can fill with tap water and you’re good to go.

Being frugal doesn’t mean being a cheapskate, it means being smart about your money. You can still splurge on things you really love, but saving the money that would go to unnecessary expenses is just common sense so use every opportunity to do so. – Howard Scalia

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