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A large number of people are unemployed today. The actual reason is not that they are not qualified enough or incapable. But they lack in those instincts which are essential to crack any job interview.

A job interview is the place to display all the positive qualities of a person. You have to prove why you are the most appropriate person for the position. If you fail to present these qualities then it can cost you to lose the job. The job seeker requires working a lot harder to get a good job that can satisfy him. Also look at these SEO Interview Questions Answers to crack Search Engine Optimization Interview.

Generally the job interviewer gives first choice to those who set a standard by creating a difference. So you need to know how to create a difference? How to be different from others? First of all do not be nervous.

Though it is human nature to be nervous during an interview still try to be as calm as possible. There are various common questions that are asked during an interview. So go through the interview questions and answers and try to understand how to answer

Table of Contents

  • 1 The various common interview questions and their best possible answers:
    • 1.1 Why have you left working with the previous company?
    • 1.2 What is your greatest strength?
    • 1.3 What is the greatest weakness of yours?
    • 1.4 Why do you think that we should hire you for the job position?
    • 1.5 What is the special thing about you that others cannot do?
    • 1.6 Can you think something innovative?
    • 1.7 Why are you interested about this position?
    • 1.8 Do you have any query?

The various common interview questions and their best possible answers:

  1. Why have you left working with the previous company?

In this answer do not say anything negative like “I hated the job” and “I didn’t like the atmosphere in there” try to be positive and at the same time you must say that you have learnt something useful in there. You can say “I left the company as I was looking for better opportunity” or you can say “I desire to evolve and grow more and do not want to be stagnant”.

  1. What is your greatest strength?

I am excellent in the skill of managing time and I am also well thought-out, proficient, and take pride in excelling at my work.

When I work on a project I try to give my best. I do not desire just to meet deadlines but try to finish off the project well ahead of the schedule. Along with it I do it quite efficiently.

Note: you can also tell them ‘why’ it is your best strength. Several people are being interviewed don’t give lengthy information during questions and not very less. So try to find a balance. This is one of the general interview questions and answers.

  1. What is the greatest weakness of yours?

I am really impatient. I look forward to my employees to prove themselves and that also from the very first project. If they fail, my tendency is to begin the work entirely by myself.

I have a tendency to work too hard and take on a lot of projects. This makes it almost impossible to take time for myself.

Note: You can try using the question for posing strength as a weakness. But occasionally an interviewer may see right through this. It’s difficult to answer this properly but give a gentle weakness and show what you are doing to improve it.

  1. Why do you think that we should hire you for the job position?

You have described that you are searching for an executive manager who can efficiently manage a number of employees. I have twenty years of experience as a manager.

I have developed strong motivational and team maintaining skills. I have been awarded manager-of-the-year for my innovative strategies 3 times. I am good in motivating to employees. I make it certain that my employees meet and improve on completing deadlines.

I will bring all my leadership capabilities to achieve profit to this position. You describe in the job listing that you are looking for a special education teacher with plenty of patience and empathy. I have served as a teacher at a children school for two years. And then have been a teacher in a senior teacher for the last 5 years.

I have a lot of ability to be tremendously patient while still controlling and preparing my students. I take care of my students always with a smile on the face. I take special care in completing the syllabus in an innovative way. I will bring all qualities of mine with me if you hire me.

Note: now if you do not know this by know you should rewrite your resume. Remember that this is the main question to your entire job search.

  1. What is the special thing about you that others cannot do?

This is probably my favourite of all job interview questions. Here I suggest that you should give all your unique strengths relating to the job requirement. Try to explain that your qualities are special.

  1. Can you think something innovative?

This is the time to put on your thinking cap. Be certain that you have examples of when you thought outside the box or something extraordinary before you go for the interview. You may take time to answer in questions like these. Try to take some time and give some authentic story that provides sense.

Note: Do not make up a false story as if you get caught then your scope of getting the job is over.

  1. Why are you interested about this position?

I feel here you need to show them that you are passionate of the post. Let them know why you want this job so much. But remember you should only speak on subjects that concern them.

Note: do not say this is a step forward for your career. They are not concerned in building your career.

  1. Do you have any query?

This is one of the most common of the interview questions and answers. Here you must never say “NO”. This is the opening for you. Just get them thinking a little bit. Make some thought provoking questions about the position.

For example what were the major challenges the previous person in this job had? Then ask something about their company and various projects of their company. This type of question reflects that you are interested in the company. Then they will be thinking about hiring you. But never ask anything about salary. For that wait until they ask you about your expectations.

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