Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens

Regardless of age, everyone appreciates an impromptu gift every once in a while. Gifts, however simple they may seem, can enliven a dull mood and foster a healthy positive relationship. Especially if it is thoughtful, timely (read random ) and appropriate. That being said, choosing a gift for a senior can be quite a daunting challenge, if not hectic.

Considering they are at a stage in life where they have seen it all and accomplished almost everything they have ever wanted, not many things faze seniors. They already have personalized mugs, a living room full of family photos, and essential bath oils, maybe a fancy sports car on the driveway. What’s more, seniors love their independence so unless you wish to relocate your grandparent to a new house from an apartment, a new house isn’t necessary if they already have a home?

Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens

However, you can better the living conditions in that house by adding modern features and presenting them as gifts. You can help them shop for groceries without taking a break from work and ensure that their health remains optimum by buying gifts such as a SunTouch lamp. Here are other amazing gift ideas for seniors.

A Fancy Lighted Mirror

While your grandparent might not spend as much time applying makeup as your teenage daughter would, a lighted mirror is one gift they would appreciate. Lighted mirrors are not just for applying makeup; they also have health-related benefits such as reduced eyestrain. Standard light causes eyestrain, which can lead to throbbing headaches and weariness.

Also, a majority of seniors already suffer from poor eyesight after years of using poor lighting. Lighted mirrors can help preserve their vision while adding a little glamour to their bathroom. Now grandma’s house will be a cool place to visit for the kids. Lighted mirrors also help reduce power costs; such a gift will be much appreciated. If you’re interested in lighted makeup mirrors, you can read more here.

Adjustable Folding Cane

While walking canes are a necessity for most seniors, they don’t need them all the time. However, after a long day of standing or walking around, they might just want to pull one out. Don’t just buy a regular walking stick; purchase the adjustable folding cane equipped with LED lights and a cushioned handle.

As such, you limit the strain on their hands caused by ordinary walking stick and improve the cane’s ease of storage. This cane can fold to fit a shopping bag or purse so it can be used by either of your grandparents. Not to mention, it can also be adjusted to anyone’s exact height and also contains an anti-marking rubber tip that increases the cane’s grip on the floor to prevent slipping.

However, the coolest thing about this walking rod is the LED lights, which can be adjusted to illuminate everything from the sidewalk to a dimly lit parking space. The lights also make it easy to use the cane as a torch in instances where one is not close.

Bathtub Grips

Bending and mobility are reduced as we get older and, as such, some of the slippery areas of the house such as the bathroom floor need to be covered. Bathtub grips add a sense of security for seniors when using the shower. Ensure that the outlet where you buy them has an installation package for proper fitting.

Bathtub grips come in all shapes and sizes. The best ones are not the standard type that uses suction cups to attach to the walls but rather those that lock over the bathtub’s side. Some also have features such as padded cushions and are made from materials such as metal to support higher a weight range.

Ranges and Cooktops

The kitchen is also known as the heart of the house, but it can be a dangerous place the older we get. According to FEMA, seniors aged 65 years and above have 2.5 times a higher risk of succumbing to a kitchen fire than anyone else. This fact is due to their decreasing physical abilities, which hinder their response to danger with agility.

In addition to this, elders are more likely to forget to attend to their food while it’s on the burner or even forget to turn the burner off after removing the food. As such, a gift such as an induction cooktop can be greatly appreciated. This gift will help reduce the risk of fire in the kitchen considering it doesn’t use flames

That said, compared to electricity or gas cooktops, the induction cooktop is faster thereby putting them in a better position to save energy and money.

Pill Organizer

One way to help seniors remain healthy is by supporting them in taking any medication subscribed to them on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of us are ordinarily quite preoccupied with our jobs and might not always be around when it’s time to take meds. Managing medications can be a tricky affair especially if the pills are to be taken at different periods of the day and are many.

A pill organizer not only provides peace of mind regarding taking medication but also help maximize independence. Pill organizers come in a variety of designs and can store medication for daily or even monthly use thanks to their different sizes. After knowing the types of drugs a senior is taking, choosing a pill organizer with a specific number of compartments is made easy.

Besides, they are easy to open and contain reminder systems, which help remind the seniors when it’s time to take their medication.

Bedside caddy

As stated earlier, mobility decreases as we age. At a young age, muscles, ligaments, and tendons supporting our range of movement are active and moving around is easy. However, when a senior gets into bed, getting out, again and again, can be an extremely arduous and physically taxing process. It’s even worse for those who are terminally ill; chronic health conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis further limit mobility in seniors.

As such, a bedside caddy is vital for storing glasses, the remote, tissues, and all the little things that an old person may frequently need, just by their bedside. The caddy attaches securely to bedrails and keeps everyday items perfectly within reach.

In Conclusion

Buying a gift for a senior requires a lot of contemplation. Forget grand things such as a new car and instead contribute to making their lives easier by helping with some of the issues only seniors face. Aside from the gifts mentioned above, you can also purchase a smart shopping grocery organizer for them to stack up their grocery shopping and a sleep therapy machine to induce better sleep. 

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