Travel Gift Ideas – Seven Great Gift Ideas for Travelers

If you have a friend who travels extensively, you’ll know that buying gifts for them can be tricky. Whether they travel for business or pleasure, people who regularly pack up and go have different interests and wants than homebodies. Travelers value experiences above things, which means that their list of wants for birthdays or holidays will focus a lot on the practical. If they’re going to allow a precious bit of room in their luggage to be taken up by gifts, then it will have to be something that serves them well.

Gift Ideas for Travelers

To make sure that the next gift you guy the intrepid traveler in your life doesn’t end up sitting at home on a shelf or donated to charity, consider giving them one of these seven great gifts for travelers:

A compact travel towel

Travelers to warm countries and avid hikers know the value of an impromptu dip to cool off and relax, but that doesn’t mean you want to wait to air dry or squirm into your clothes still damp. Luckily, Dock & Bay has a packable, quick-drying, and affordable travel towel that will be a godsend for the adventurous wanderer in your life. This thin, microfibre towel has twice the drying power of a traditional terrycloth towel with none of the bulk, and it dries exceptionally fast. Offered in a variety of bright colors, these colorful beach towels can be as big as 200x90cm and are still only $33 at the largest size.

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A top-shelf global adapter

Many beginner travelers are surprised to learn that the outlets in other countries differ vastly from their own. The last thing you want when you’ve landed after a long flight and settled into your accommodations is to realize that you can’t charge your phone or power on your laptop. A top-shelf, universal global adapter that allows you to connect wherever you land is perfect for your traveling friend.

Flight 001 offers just this type of adapter. Color-coded to match the countries each side works on, Flight 001’s global adapter will allow you to charge two things at once and will serve as the perfect gift for less than $40.

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The perfect jewellery case

Your traveler may pack light, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want want to look chic when they’re on the go. However, there’s no simple way to transport jewelry without running the risk of it ending up in a twisted ball. De-tangling necklaces are the last thing someone wants to be doing when they just got off a long flight.

To prevent earrings from getting lost and necklaces getting tied into knots, buy your friend the perfect jewelry case that has spots for earrings, bracelets, and chains and keeps them all cleanly packed away for easy storage and travel. These cases are affordable to purchase, pretty to look at, and keeps everything secure.

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An incredible smartphone lens

In this day and age, everyone who travels knows that photographs of the experience are of the utmost importance. Many travelers supplement their income with travel blogs or social media sponsorships, which requires gorgeous photos to showcase their experiences. While smartphones may have great cameras, nothing beats a professional lens. Luckily, there is a smartphone lens that is so good, even National Geographic recommends it.

Moment’s Wide 18mm Lens is the perfect, every day, wide-angle lens that will take gorgeous photos with zero fisheye distortion. For about $100, you can give your loved one the kind of lens that will take their pictures from acceptable, to absolutely stunning.

A travel pillow they’ll actually want to use

When someone is looking for affordable travel or is flying long distances, they’ll more than likely have to spend some time on a red-eye flight. Sleeping on a plane is rarely a comfortable experience. From the chilly temperatures to the dry air, to the roaring engines, and the tight quarters, it can be hard to imagine getting an ounce of decent shuteye.

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However, the one thing that will genuinely help you sleep on a plane (apart from some earplugs) is a great travel pillow. Trtl’s travel pillow may look like a fashionable infinity scarf, but it’s actually a fantastic travel pillow with proven neck support. This ergonomically designed travel pillow is like a hammock for your neck wrapped in warm, soft fleece. It also comes in four colors and is half the size of a traditional U-shaped travel pillow. All for less than $50!

Fairtrade gifts that support local artisans

When traveling, people learn about the hard work it takes for artisans to create the items they sell to tourists. For this reason, most travelers prefer to buy directly from the artist or from fair trade suppliers only.

If you want to give the traveler in your life a gift that you know they will love for its unique look and story, while also being able to assure them that it’s fair trade, consider buying from Unique World Inspirations. This company works directly with local artisans to provide the world with beautiful products that help improve the lives of the artists and their communities.

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The perfect travel wallet

Keeping your important documents in one convenient, well-organized spot while traveling is incredibly important. That’s why we recommend that anyone looking for the ideal gift for the constant traveler consider a travel wallet. A travel wallet allows you to keep your most important documents secure and close at hand.

The perfect travel wallet is low-profile, fashionable, and study. Look for a wallet made with a sturdy zipper and durable materials that won’t fail when you need it most. Also, check the measurements to make sure you’re not gifting a travel wallet that won’t actually fit your friend’s passport!

Look for a wallet with many different pockets and a zippered compartment for change or stubs. Some travel wallets also come equipped with RFID blocking technology. These passport covers make it impossible for skimmers to scan the wallet and collect the information contained in the passport’s RFID card, which could allow them to steal the traveler’s identity.

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