Story of G’Natural Herbal Products :: A Blessing in Disguise for Hair & Skin Conscious People

It is said that necessity is mother of invention and it is true in every case whether it is the discovery of any wheel in early ages or any electronic gadget or any medical invention.

Here we are talking about a product that almost everybody needs in today’s world. Yes everybody and here is G’Natural Herbal Products which is an inventive natural cure discovered by Roger Gore, President and CEO who founded the company in 1996.


Roger Gore

Roger Gore, CEO/President of G’Natural Herbal Products


G’Natural Herbal Products has wide range of organic hair products that is proving its worth since its inception.

Motivation that Inspired Roger to create such wonderful products

It’s an interesting story and it all began when Roger noticed his own hair were balding, drying, thinning and developing a receding hairline. He tried almost every product in the market but the result of all was none.

Roger was in cosmetology industry for 15 years and that experience of him knocked his head to create his own cure with his very own knowledge of herbal products and their use.

He experimented huge number combinations by using his knowledge of herbal extracts like Rosemary, Comfrey, Tocopheryl, Matricaria, Calendula, Aloe. He learnt their healing power and experimented with different herbal ingredients and essential oils like jojoba, olive, sunflower, safflower, lavender in his kitchen.


G Natural Herbal Products


His experiments led to the development of his product which was the hair and scalp conditioner. Later in 1997, he developed hair growth oil which he used and applied on his own hairs for an year and got overwhelming success with the results.

His healthy hairs got everyone’s attention and even his hairline was returning. Roger then started sharing these herbal products with family and friends. Roger’s mother Lillian Gore helped him by sharing the products with her church members.


How G’Natural evolved as a brand?

Roger’s herbal hair and scalp conditioner was so effective that it becomes a hit through word of mouth and Roger was ready to give his brand a name.

He and his family is spiritual and strong believer of God and this made him to name this brand God Natural which was trimmed to G’Natural. He believes

His mother was very happy with the company name and she said ‘now you have the healing power of God in every product.

Expansion of G’Natural Herbal Products

In 2000, G’Natural expanded its products line. Now they have a whole line of natural hair and skin care system which includes Body and Hair Butter, Hair Puddings, Oh So Clean Shampoo, Leave In Conditioners, Mint Fortress Conditioner, the famous Get-It-G Razor Relief and many more.

Roger started “G’Natural Gives” to promote his cause of giving back to the society. He insist on using 10% of the sales to reinvest back into his community through NGO’s, churches, elderly homes, nursing homes, African villages and county schools. It was a great gesture of gratitude and his religious sentiments.

G’Natural major sales come from word of mouth or natural marketing by people who tried a sample of the products.

G’Natural Herbal Products are winners of NaturallyCurly’s 2016 Editors’ Choice Awards

NaturallyCurlys 2016 Editors Choice Awards

NaturallyCurly’s 2016 Editors’ Choice Awards

Some of the products that are included in NaturallyCurly’s 2016 Editors’ Choice Awards are:

Body & Hair ButterMint Fortress Conditioner and many others…

Roger thanks his late mother for her words of wisdom and he owes the success of the G’Natural brand to “if you put God first in all you do the rest will take care of itself!”

If you haven’t tried any of the G’Natural then you must give a try and feel the difference in your hair growth and its development. It’s a real blessing in disguise for hair & skin conscious people.

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