4 Types of Grants for Women

Women are an important part of the society as a society can only be successful if it’s helping women in growing up with the world. There are several types of grants for women offered by public, private and government organizations and they play a vital role in women growth. Some grants are regardless of the country that a woman lives in and some are for those who are working for a particular company. Here are types of grants that exist for women:

1.  Federal grants

Despite the prevailing circumstances and the country, you live in; the governments offer a grant for women where they can get money for education at an undergraduate or graduate level. This gives a woman the ability to stand up on her feet in her professional career.

Some grants for women are offered to establish a business. These grants are offered for betterment and to improve the quality of business. These grants are used to improve the status of women in the business sector by offering them help that they need to balance the workforce. This public purpose grant requires an application where the applicant needs to state the goals and promise that the funding will be only used for the improvement of women role in the business sector.

Many countries offer such grants including government agencies of the US, Canada, Australia, UK and South Africa. The departments of all types are involved in offering these kinds of grants.

2.  Private grants

Private grants are funded by humanitarians, or people who have no connection with government and they are just funding because of their interest or promotion of certain group or activities. This is because of the generosity of certain humanitarians or business group. One of the famous people who offer this kind of grants is Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Martha Stewart and many more.

3.  Professional grants

Professional grants are given by the organization itself to improve a particular area of education or advance the profession of a particular group of people. It is granted for the development of women in the organizations. It can be education, professional practice, for professional travel or for learning of new skills that can help them in excelling in their careers.

4.  Corporate grants

These grants are granted by the companies who are interested in improving the reputation of the company as a whole. They release funds for a particular group of people to get benefits from them. With these grants, the improvement of the image of the company is usually the goal but not necessarily. In the end, these grants are offered just because the company wants benefits from the person who they are granting money to do best in the interest of the company. Sony, Boeing, Verizon, Toyota, General Electric, Kellogg’s, Microsoft and many other companies are offering these kinds of grants in their companies for the development of women and the process of career development. Women are a target audience specifically for this kind of grants.