GST 2017 & Basic Steps for GST Number Search India

Table of Contents

  • 1 Introduction to GST
  • 2 Current GST Scenario in India
  • 3 Decoding GST Registration Number
  • 4 GST Number Search India
  • 5 Steps to Search GST Number in India
  • 6 Conclusion

Introduction to GST

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been the ‘point of attention’ for every Indian since past few days. After passed in Parliament in April this year, Central Government of India brought the biggest-ever transformation in the existing taxation guidelines and norms on 1st July 2017. The new GST guideline highlights four tax slabs including 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% on various items and sectors and a total of 1211 items are prescribed under these tax slabs.

Current GST Scenario in India

The current Scenario in India presents a multi-staged tax structure which will be levied on consumers buying goods or services. The new GST structure provides different charges for State and Union governments which have resulted into cascading upshots of taxes. Moreover, according to the new guideline, the service providers and business entities are mandatory to register their business for GST number. The Central Government has already started the roll out of the new GST Registration number to the existing VAT and service tax registration holders for harmonizing two crucial indirect tax codes.

Decoding GST Registration Number

GST Registration Number is a 15 digit identification code which is allotted by the government to every taxpayer based on PAN and State of the aspirants. The first two digits of the GST registration number stand for the State Code, while the next 10 digits represent the PAN number of the applicant. Likewise, the next one digit stands for the entity code, one number is left blank for future use, and the last digit signifies the check digit.

GST Number Search India

Every consumer and taxpayer can easily search the GST Number Search India. The Central Government of India has put some official websites and online portals into practice through which one can take details of a GST number of its holders. Every GST registered dealer need to have GST Number (GSTIN) verification before registering the business in the GST Returns and this is mandatory. The GST Portals, launched by Indian Government enables searchers and businesses to conduct GST Number Search India and verify their vendor GSTIN online. This feature is free of cost and can be used by anyone.

Steps to Search GST Number in India

The procedure of GST Number Search India is pretty simple and can be done by anyone easily. The steps to search GST Number in India are listed below:

  • Open the official GST portal –
  • Now Click on Services on Menu Bar
  • Re-tap on User Services and find Search Taxpayer option
  • Now enter the GSTIN/UIN or GST Number of the Taxpayer in the below-given box
  • Once correctly entered the GSTIN, Click ‘Search’
  • If the GST number you entered is correct, the page will display the details of the taxpayer and if not; an error message will be flashed.


With the help of GST number, you can get the basic details of the taxpayer including legal name of the business, state, date of registration, type of taxpayer he/she is, construction of business, and so on.


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