Guide to Celebrate Modern Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is also called as Saint Valentine’s day which was celebrated all over the world by the people. Valentines day is celebrated in memory of St. Valentine on February 14 of every year. On valentines day the lover wishes the partner of the phrase happy valentine’s day. This specific day is celebrated mostly by the lovers. The symbol of love is seen in Taj Mahal.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Table of Contents

  • 1 Why Valentine’s day is celebrated?
  • 2 How to celebrate Valentine’s day wishes?
  • 3 How to propose your partner on Valentines Eve?

Why Valentine’s day is celebrated?

It is celebrated on 14th of every February. Happy Valentine day is the best day to propose their lover. If the fight is going on between the lovers, then this is the right time to wish them a happy valentine’s day. This day will bring joy and happiness into their lives. Especially in this day, they may strengthen their relationship between them. In the olden days, lovers deliver their love through the greeting cards through posts.

Happy Valentine’s Day

But now-a-days, they propose their lover through the phone. A cute teddy bear, Vallette, a bunch of roses and dairy milk will make them a very happy valentine’s day. The signature of love is heart, rose and dove. In the before days, there is very much opposition for love marriage, but now-a-days the parents understand their children and give them freedom. To make the day more memorable, everyone will think in their own way to impress their partner. This day spreads love between all of them. Download Happy Valentines Day Images

Happy Valentine’s Day

How to celebrate Valentine’s day wishes?

Each one will celebrate their valentine’s day in their own way. But the first thing every lover must do is to wish his/her in the morning a happy valentine’s day.  Sweetness all around with the choco on Chocolate Day. Then they can go to beach, park, cinemas and temple. You can also send them a greeting card to surprise them. The best way to impress your valentine is arranging for a candle lit dinner. Spend time with your partner the whole day, then they will feel really happy with these happy valentine’s day wishes.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Go for a long drive then you feel pleasant and peace with your partner. You can give them any personal gifts like photographs of yours, write the letter which narrates her in a very good way. Talk for a long time and give them a chocolate and gifts which make that day too romantic. Everyone should wish their valentine with full of love and affection this is the best gift than others. Gift roses to your love on Happy Rose Day.

How to propose your partner on Valentines Eve?

Happy Valentine’s Day

There are many ways to propose your partner some of them are, you can give a greeting card with a rose or just post happy valentine’s day on your profile and tag her name.  There is a special day known to be propose day for proposing your partner. You can also propose your partner through phones or you can straight away wish her. This day is not only celebrated by the lovers, but it is also for whom you have. You can wish your mother, father, sister, brother and your friend. This is also celebrated between husband and wife. A husband can make a happy valentine’s day by giving her wife a ring. In the olden days, most of the lovers present Taj Mahal for their partners because it represents love. The love between Mumtaj and Shajahan was a history. Shajahan built Taj Mahal for his love. So Taj Mahal was made a symbol of love.

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